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How Measles Returned

Wasn’t measles eradicated in the United States years ago? Well, it’s baaack! But how? Hank Green says the disease has been back for about two months and the Center for Disease Controls says it could gain a foothold unless we get vaccinated. The current strain, Green says, comes from the Phillipines and might well threaten an endemic in our country. Tune in to this edition of SciShow as Green explains the unlikely comeback of the disease.

Nature’s Nuclear Reactor

Hank Green and SciShow takes us to Gabon, Central Africa, where two billion years ago a unique set of conditions came together to form the world’s only known natural nuclear reactor. Green takes us to the Oklo Mine, site of this phenomenon, and adds, “No radiation suit needed!”

Terms Of Disendearment

Familiar with the terms “psycho, ocd, schizo, bipolar?” They’re terms we’ve recklessly used to insult someone, not really understanding their true definitions. Health professional say using such words minimizes serious conditions and the people who have them. In this edition of SciShow, Hank Green sets the record straight on what these words mean and tells us why it’s not cool to say the weather is schizophrenic.

Virus Strain a Worthy Foe

The mysterious Enterovirus that has enveloped the country is posing major problems for the U.S., especially for our children. A particular strain of the virus, D68, is a worthy adversary. In this edition of SciShow, Hank Green explains the science of the latest virus to break out in the U.S. (Update: Sadly, since this video was shot, there have been two confirmed deaths due to the virus, both children ages 21 months and 4.) Also in this edition of SciShow, Green examines the planet’s looming population boom, which is expected to reach between 9.6 and 12.3 billion people.

What Really Killed T-Rex?

True, a mega-asteroid was responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. But is there more to the story? SciShow’s Hank Green discusses evidence that suggests there were other factors percolating that turned a really bad day into one of the worst days in the history of the planet.

Ebola Virus Wreaking Havoc

Ebola is one of the world’s deadliest diseases that is wreaking havoc throughout West Africa and threatens to spread beyond the continent’s borders. SciShow’s Hank Green delves deeper into the disease, especially the Zebov (Zaire Ebola Virus) strain, which has infected 1,323 people this year, 729 of whom have died.

The Robots Are Coming

The first-ever robot swarm, where hundreds of tiny kilobots organized themselves into different patterns without any human interaction. Does this mean the robot apocalypse is here? Not quite, but SciShow’s Hank Green says the tasks were a milestone in collective artificial intelligence. Also in this edition of SciShow, Green takes a look at the creepy, but extinct hallucigenia, one of evolution’s misfits.

Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction

The Permian-Triassic extinction event 250 million years ago was the worst the world has ever seen. That was followed closely by the extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. Recent research published in The American Journal of Science says the amount of extinctions happening now around the world is beginning to look like what scientists are calling Earth’s sixth mass extinction event. Join Hank Green for the details in this edition of SciShow, plus a look at the world’s first transparent animal–the see-through mouse.

Critters With a Charge

Hank Green says there are about 8,600 animals on the planet that are electroreceptive. Translation: They can feel electric fields. Plus, there are 716 known species of fish capable of creating electric fields, known as electrogenesis. Check out Green’s shocking presentation on these fabulous animals in this edition of SciShow.

The Five Deadliest Diseases

Viruses have hovered on the planet for tens of millions of years, and most recently, their main job is to harvest our DNA and make our lives miserable. In this episode of SciShow, Hank Green tells us of the path of destruction these viruses have wrought and their contribution to the five deadliest diseases.

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