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Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction

The Permian-Triassic extinction event 250 million years ago was the worst the world has ever seen. That was followed closely by the extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. Recent research published in The American Journal of Science says the amount of extinctions happening now around the world is beginning to look like what scientists are calling Earth’s sixth mass extinction event. Join Hank Green for the details in this edition of SciShow, plus a look at the world’s first transparent animal–the see-through mouse.

Critters With a Charge

Hank Green says there are about 8,600 animals on the planet that are electroreceptive. Translation: They can feel electric fields. Plus, there are 716 known species of fish capable of creating electric fields, known as electrogenesis. Check out Green’s shocking presentation on these fabulous animals in this edition of SciShow.

The Five Deadliest Diseases

Viruses have hovered on the planet for tens of millions of years, and most recently, their main job is to harvest our DNA and make our lives miserable. In this episode of SciShow, Hank Green tells us of the path of destruction these viruses have wrought and their contribution to the five deadliest diseases.

A Glimmer of Truth

Ever wonder why and how stars twinkle? SciShow’s Hank Green says, “That twinkling is not caused by the stars themselves, which are super constant in their brightness, it is caused by the Earth’s atmosphere.” And a whole lot of other factors. Listen to Green’s mesmerizing explanation.

A Birds-eye View

After years of research, scientists are finally beginning to understand the meaning of birds-eye view. While humans have three color receptor cells, or cones, in our eyes to detect red, blue and green, birds are blessed with four. SciShow’s Hank Green tells us that birds not only can see the Earth’s magnetic field but also ultraviolet light, and throws in a few more amazing facts about our fine feathered friends.

Predict the Odds of Anything

Statistics are every scientist’s best friend. But the numbers aren’t always easy to interpret. In this edition of SciShow, host Hank Green explains why the methodology of Bayesian Reasoning can lead to some surprising conclusions.

A Black Hole Conundrum

Mega-scientist Stephen Hawking threw his colleagues for a loop recently, when they thought he wrote in a paper that black holes do not exist. Hank Green, of SciShow, says those who read the paper apparently took the TLTR (or too long to read) route, instead assuming there was some major breakthrough or breakdown in astrophysics. Green takes the time to put Hawking’s thoughts into context.

The Potential Of Magma Power

With the constant debate over which sources of energy our country should harness, Hank Green, of SciShow, has a valid suggestion. Why not volcanic power? “One of the most massively powerful forces we have here on Earth, a store of energy so gigantic that it liquifies trillions upon trillions of tons of rock, and  is independent from the sun’s energy output. It’s the pressure of the Earth pushing down on itself, heating its interior to such dramatic temperatures that every once in a while a pimple (volcano) will erupt on its surface, spewing rock kilometers into the air. If only we could capture that energy.”

Celibacy Bugs Some Insects

Hank Green tackles three freaky things attributed to nature, including the polar vortex that gripped the country last week, the oddity of bug sex and the phenomenon of how a chain defies gravity. Green gives us the details in this version of SciShow.

Sweet On Chocolate

Many of us crave it. Some of us just can’t do without. It’s safe to say that chocolate has captured our taste buds and imaginations. But what is it about this irresistible confection that drives us to the point of addiction? Hank Green explains in this edition of SciShow.

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