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Hurrah for the Holidays

Here’s a rarity — the sixth episode of Hal Roach’s “Our Gang” comedy series from 1922. Roach initially produced the series at his own studio, but “Our Gang” really took off after MGM became involved in 1927. All told, 220 “Our Gang” shorts were created over a 22-year-span between 1922 and 1944, and 41 different child actors starred. Roach broke ground, not only by showcasing the antics of poor children, but also by casting both whites and blacks, and showing them living in close proximity and relative harmony. H/T Unknown Cinema


The Dippy Do Dah Club

Besides the Little Rascals, Hal Roach also produced a series of comedies called The Dippy Do Dah Club, featuring an all-animal cast. PETA might object to the inclusion of a mock cock fight, but this 1923 episode, The Knockout, is quite hilarious,  with ducks, chickens and dogs all attending the big fight, and monkeys masquerading as the press. Some things never change!

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