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Tsarnaev a Victim?

How far are gun control advocates willing to lie and skew statistics to make their case? Would you believe they’d go so far as to name Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a victim of gun violence. Greg Gutfeld offers commentary on the Fox News show The Five.

Americans Favor Spending Cuts

Fifty-four percent of Americans say Congress should cut spending from current levels and 62 percent say Congress should forget about gun control and move on to other issues.

Social Security is widely popular, with 65 percent having a favorable view of the retirement portions of the program. But it’s also widely misunderstood as an individual retirement account rather than a transfer payment financed by current tax dollars.

A plurality – 45 percent of respondents – still dislike Obamacare and one in five Americans qualifies as libertarian based on responses to questions about the role of the government in social and economic affairs. The results come from the latest The Reason-Rupe Poll, a quarterly, national survey of 1,003 people via cell phones and landlines.

Wake Up: It’s The Drugs

President Obama traveled to Mexico and blamed American guns for drug violence. So why won’t he blame drugs and the people who use them? Find out on this ZoNation as AlfonZo Rachel discusses drugs, immigration and the real causes of gun violence. H/T PJTV

Palin Defends Gun Rights

Taking the stage in a T-shirt that read “Women Hunt” in pink lettering, Sarah Palin riled up the crowd at the NRA convention in Houston, Texas. Palin spoke for more than 12 minutes about her strong defense of the Second Amendment and other conservative principles. She even attempted to recreate her popular “Big Gulp” moment from her CPAC speech earlier this year by pulling out a tin of chewing tobacco and threatening to “dip” on stage.

Obama’s Gun Control Defeat

Glenn Reynolds talks to Michael Barone about President Obama’s failure to push gun control legislation through the Senate. Has Obama lost his persuasive abilities, or was he asking too much from Congress and the American people? Could the real problem be that President Obama has never encountered true dissent in his political life? Find out. H/T PJTV

Tax Freedom Day

April 18 of last week was Tax Freedom Day, the day in which Americans are done paying their taxes for the year. “Or, as Democrats call it, Black Thursday,” say Jodi Miller. In this edition of NewsBusted, she also touches upon Michelle Obama’s anti-gun talks, the morning after pill and Marco Rubio’s new immigration bill.

Enemies of the State

Bill Whittle walks viewers through the efforts by liberals to politicize murder and terror. Why does the left advance their paranoid mythologies about race and conservatism even when it is irrelevant to the issue at hand? Whether its the Newtown mass murder, or the Boston Marathon terror attacks by radical muslims, liberals always target America and forgive the real enemies. Hear why liberals and the mainstream media love to blame the Tea Party movement and the right for every wrong in America, on this Afterburner. H/T PJTV

Assault Pressure Cooker Ban

Liberals wasted no time politicizing the Boston Marathon terror attack. They used this horrific bombing to turn America against itself. But what does this act of senseless terrorism teach us about the gun control debate, and the efforts of some like Senator Feinstein to restrict Second Amendment rights? Find out what AlfonZo Rachel thinks. H/T PJTV

Teen Leaves Them Speechless

Sarah Merkle, a 15-year-old from Maryland, fires a blast against gun control legislation. Her address to the Maryland state legislature was so on target that the politicians, for once in their lives, were left speechless.

UN Moving to Control Guns

The United Nations is moving to stop international gun sales, providing a backdoor avenue for fence-straddling US senators to profess they are against gun controls all while legal sanctions against guns become stronger. Dick Morris explains the shell game.

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