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Flying High in Oregon

“Air travelers in Oregon are now permitted to fly with up to an ounce of recreational marijuana,” reports Jodi Miller. “And if the weed is potent enough, they won’t even need a plane.” Miller targets President Obama, Iran’s foreign minister, Hillary Clinton, Britain’s Royal Family, Greece and Starbucks in this edition of NewsBusted.

The Obamacare Bailout

Even though Obamacare is still not fully implemented, the Democrats are already asking for it to be bailed out. “So Nancy Pelosi is now saying we have to bail out Obamacare to find out what’s in it,” Jodi Miller reports. In this NewsBusted, Miller also touches upon the astronomical unemployment rate among youths in Greece and radio talk show host Randi Rhodes’ assertion that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are terrorists.



France: “The Real Sick Man”

We’ve heard plenty about the economic woes facing Greece and Spain. But Wilbur Ross says France might be “the real sick man” of Europe, whose problems could be much more substantial long-term than either Greece or Spain. Ross is the CEO of W.L. Ross & Company, an investment banking and private equity firm. He believes France will be crippled by its high tax rates, coupled with regressive government policies thwarting private growth.

Down Shifting in Greece

We’ve reported on this before: With the economy of Greece in a shambles, many residents are fleeing the cities and returning to their rural roots. Here’s a report from Journeyman Pictures on a repatriation under way on the Greek islands.

Urban Greeks Go Back to Farm

Panagiotios Triantafyllopoulos was a graphic designer in Athens. But now, the 54-year-old is literally back where he started, living with his elderly mother in the house where he grew up. The Wall Street Journal‘s Gordon Fairclough reports from Aristomenis, Greece.

There’s a Riot Going On

Demonstrators and police clashed in Athens Wednesday, with tens of thousands gathering in front of the Greek parliament to protest austerity measures. With Americans already shouldering a larger per capita federal debt than the Greeks, and with the re-election of a spendthrift president who is certain to add immensely to that debt load over the next four years, we can expect to see similar scenes stateside in the not-so-distant future. Footage from RT, the Russian global news network.

The Backlash in Greece

As the economic crisis deepens in Greece and the country experiences more unemployment, dislocation and chaos, a backlash is growing against immigrants. They not only face a crackdown from the government, but also vigilante street action, sometimes turning bloody and violent. Inigo Gilmore reports on the tense situation and the various combatants — the illegal immigrants, drug dealers and criminals; refugees and asylum seekers caught in the crossfire, and the Greek vigilantes, many of them members of the far-right Golden Dawn Party. H/T Journeyman Pictures

World of Beers XXXIII

On tap tonight: Amstel, Netherlands.

If you want to look cool, you have to act cool. This Miami-themed commercial was created for broadcast in Greece.

The Greek Crisis Explained

How did Greece land in such a dire financial mess? What can be done to pull it back from the brink? Will a rescue be performed by the tag team of the European Union, working in concert with the International Monetary Fund?

Find out in this animated short, which portrays Greece as a young girl living happily with her sheep by the sea until an evil, devouring monster hits the beach. The short is the work of Nomint, an award-winning animation production company with offices in Athens and London. Creative direction is by Christos Lefakis and Yannis Konstantinidis from a story they co-wrote with Marilena Vatseri and Manos Gerogiannis.

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