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Searching For Answers

Many of us pounded our search engines trillions of times in 2014. But what did we search for, and what did those searches say about us. Google looks for the answers as it explores 2014: The Year in Search.

Google’s Love Machine

Google exec Eric Schmidt is a love machine at age 58, which is quite an achievement considering how dorky he looked during what should have been his sexual prime three decades ago. For all you dudes who have trouble with the ladies, Schmidt is living proof that there’s still hope. If he can do it, you can too! H/T Next Media Animation

Wearable Computers

Samsung has announced that it is heavily investing in wearable computers to compete with Google Glass and Apple’s hush-hush iWatch.


Tech Firms Face Backlash

Some of the world’s biggest internet firms¬† — Google, Facebook and Skype¬† — are under pressure to explain just how far they co-operated with intelligence agencies to access your personal information. Here’s a report from Great Britain’s Channel 4. Criticism of the US-based tech firms appears to be strongest in Europe.

Google Gets Political

Internet search engine Google has been accused of meddling in international politics after it unilaterally decided to replace the term ‘Palestinian Territories’ with ‘Palestine’ on the Palestinian Google search page.

Google Is Your Friend

Whatever the question, Google has the answer. The search engine is ubiquitous and ever-expanding. If George Orwell was alive today, perhaps Big Brother would not broadcast over a big TV screen, but instead via the Internet.

Alex Gibson, Molly Gallagher, Josh Israel, Olivia Dunn, Jake Satterfield and Elizabeth Oldak star in this AVbyte original musical.

Google CEO Visits North Korea

Having already exposed practically every street corner, lamppost and cul-de-sac around the world, Google CEO Eric Schmidt just couldn’t resist visiting the planet’s most closed-off society — North Korea. Google emphasizes that this is a personal trip by Schmidt and he’s not conducting any official company business, but several Google staffers accompanied him. So did former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who has made several previous junkets to North Korea on humanitarian missions, usually to free Westerners being held hostage by the North Koreans. Publicly, the Obama Administration sought to discourage the trip, but one wonders if they gave Richardson any backdoor messages to carry to Kim Jong-un. H/T Wall Street Journal

Dead Sea Scrolls Now Online

Only five experts around the world are authorized to handle the Dead Sea Scrolls. But now anyone with Internet access can read the Scrolls as technology giant Google and the Israeli Antiquities Authority have created online English and Hebrew versions of the 2,000 year-old documents. A special laboratory has been created where NASA technology was used to photograph every scroll fragment 28 times in 12 different wavelengths of light, allowing users to see each and every crease and ink spill as well as words previously unintelligible to the human eye. H/T JewishNewsOne

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