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Mario’s Word of the Week

Glove and Boots presents a vintage video as Mario toys with a new word: en masse.

Glove and Boots at Comic-Con

Mario and Fafa visit Comic-Con 2013. Can you find the hidden Gorilla?

Wolverine — The Musical!

Hugh Logan Wolverine Jackman sings. About Hugh Logan Wolverine Jackman. H/T Glove and Boots

Bronze Gorilla Winner

Thank you to all the people who participated in our ridiculous contest and congratulations to our winning video. H/T Glove and Boots


The Most Dangerous Sport

Mario, Fafa and Gorilla try to figure out which sport is the most dangerous.


The Hero’s Journey

Fafa explains Joseph Campbell’s famous theory, citing examples from Happy Gilmore to Star Wars, in this episode of Glove & Boots.

This Summer’s Movie Roundup

Mario and Fafa, the Glove and Boots puppets, review Summer 2013 Movies.

Introducing Johnny T

Fafa’s cousin Johnny T — an Italian toad with a taste for Chaka Khan and a distaste for Steven Seagal — visits the Glove and Boots blog.

The Bronze Gorilla

Create a video response to Glove and Boots and be the first to take home a coveted Bronze Gorilla statuette.

Why Time Travel Is No Good

Fafa explains why Time Travel is not a good idea in this episode of Glove and Boots.

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