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The Red Bear is Awake

Russia is back and it is awake. Those words from Glenn Beck, who warns the world about the dangerous political path of of the Soviets, its madman Vladimir Putin and one of the Kremlin’s policy advisors, Alexander Dugin, a Russian political scientist known for his fascist views. “Welcome to the new Russia, and it won’t stay contained in Russia,” Beck says. “They are using these far-right groups in Germany, in Greece and now in France in a proxy cultural battle against neighbors it seeks to diminish.” Listen, as Beck exposes Russia’s terrifying geo-political agenda in this edition of The Blaze.

Know Thy Enemy

Glenn Beck encourages both sides of the political spectrum to pay close attention to ISIS and what they believe before making any decision to put boots on the ground in the Middle East. “How can you have a sound battle plan or a strategy if you don’t know the goal of the enemy,” Becks says. The crisis might well end up as World War III, or as ISIS calls it, the last battle, he says.

Obama Snubbing Israel Again

Is there a reason President Obama refers to the Islamic terrorist organization responsible for chaos in Syria and Iraq as ISIL and not ISIS? Glenn Beck says it’s a snub to Israel. ISIS is the northern region of Syria and Iraq, Beck says. “ISIL, adding the ‘L’ the Levant, means it’s all the way into Egypt and it takes all the Palestinian homeland into account. No Israel.” Beck elaborates to his staff of The in a recent morning briefing.

A Glimpse Of World War III

Islamic terrorists want our resources. Pure and simple. And ISIS’ march through Syria and Iraq is just the beginning. Glenn Beck, of The and, heralds it as the beginning of World War III. Beck says Islam will move rapidly across the Middle East, stamp its mark in north Africa and move into South and Central America, leaving North America up for grabs. “That is the general gist of this,” Beck says. “It shows the infection all over and no place is a beacon for freedom.” Joining Beck in this dire discussion are former Assistant Secretary of Defense Frank Gaffney and PJ Media national security and terrorism correspondent Patrick Poole.

Beck: Keep Redskins Nickname

Glenn Beck, of The Blaze, is taking umbrage at those folks who suddenly want to rename the Washington Redskins. “The name’s been around for 80 years and now, because of Harry Reid, the guy who liked Obama, and I’m quoting, because in Harry Reid’s words, ‘a Negro dialect wasn’t part of it. He didn’t have a Negro dialect unless he wanted one.’ That guy is now the moral authority on what’s offensive and what isn’t?” But should the Redskins lose their nickname to the bureaucrats, Beck has some novel ideas on what to replace it with, such as the Washington 60,000 Alien Children Flooding Our Borders or the Washington 80 Bucks to Fill Up My Damn Gas Tank. Listen to Beck’s other suggestions in this edition of MercuryOneMemphis.

We the People in Peril

“We the people,” perhaps the most sacrosanct phrase in the history of our Union, is losing its luster. No longer does this introduction to our Constitution command the merit and reverance it once did. It now is tarnished by an ever-intrusive government, a president with no respect for our surpreme law and by a real threat to our freedom and pursuit of happiness. In this edition of LibertyPen, Glenn Beck and Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss our right to be left alone.

Hillary’s Double-Talk

Hillary Clinton raised quite a stir in her recent interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer when she proclaimed her family was “dead broke” when they left the White House in 1999. The outlandish statement took Glenn Beck and staff by surprise at the daily briefing of The Blaze. What Clinton failed to mention was that two weeks after leaving Pennsylvania Avenue she signed an $8 million book deal and her husband … well, he still draws a lifetime salary of $201,000, plus several perks like $515,000 per year for office space, $60,000 for phones, $70,000 for equipment and $65,000 for other services. Hmmm! Join the daily briefing as a dumbfounded Beck can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Millenial Madness Looms

In Thursday’s daily briefing of The Blaze staff, Glenn Beck laments that because of the sorry state of the country, Millennials are facing a future of violence. And he challenges any rational person to disagree with him. The new generation which are the Millennials, Beck says, are now facing 50 percent unemployment among teens, college students are piling on debt and the job market remains sickly, to put it mildly. “That’s the generation that is coming out right now,” he says. “The ones that we had the progressives tell us, ‘give them trophies, tell that if you just do this, you’ll get the corner office. You don’t really have to earn it.” And it doesn’t stop there, Beck says. The Millennials in their 30s will feel the pinch, too.

GOP Seeking Younger People

Glenn Beck welcomes Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to The Blaze to discuss the future of the GOP. Says Beck, “Both (political) parties are a nightmare,” and adds that “he can’t get away from traditional Republicans fast enough.” So, is a third party the answer, or should the GOP develop a strategy to attract younger people to the party?

Government Power Grab

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Rights recently released its third report on the assault of state rights and the abuse of federal power by this administration. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a key member of the subcommittee, tells Glenn Beck of The Blaze how the Obama Administration’s unchecked power and lawlessness is taking its toll on our country.


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