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GOP Seeking Younger People

Glenn Beck welcomes Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to The Blaze to discuss the future of the GOP. Says Beck, “Both (political) parties are a nightmare,” and adds that “he can’t get away from traditional Republicans fast enough.” So, is a third party the answer, or should the GOP develop a strategy to attract younger people to the party?

Government Power Grab

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Rights recently released its third report on the assault of state rights and the abuse of federal power by this administration. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, a key member of the subcommittee, tells Glenn Beck of The Blaze how the Obama Administration’s unchecked power and lawlessness is taking its toll on our country.


Beck: Stop Saying No

As Americans across this great nation struggle to keep their New Year’s resolutions, Glenn Beck says it’s time we all became better people. In this edition of The Blaze, Beck urges us to release the miracles from within. “We all have a story to tell,” he says. “We all have a reason to be here. We all have a job to do, and too many of us, unfortunately, are telling ourselves, are telling others, ‘No, that’s stupid, that’s foolish, don’t do it.”

Economic Reboot Coming

Yaron Brook, president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute, tells Glenn Beck that ominous economic clouds lay ahead for the United States. “Over the next 20 plus-minus years, we’re in deep, deep economic trouble,” Brook says. “It might be sooner. It might be three years, but at some point this country goes bankrupt.” Listen to the full discussion in this edition of “The Blaze.”

Glenn Beck Defends Redskins

The controversy surrounding the nickname of the Washington Redskins has drawn the ire of conservative commentator Glenn Beck. Most of the fuss, says Beck, is coming from non-Native Americans, such as President Obama, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and reporter Peter King, who believe they know more than the Native people themselves. “Ninety percent of Native Americans feel that the name isn’t offensive and shouldn’t be changed,” Beck says, citing a poll taken by the Annenberg Public Policy Center. “Students primarily at Native American schools all across America wear the name with pride and now say, they might lose the name.” In this edition of “The Blaze,” Beck explains the history of the nickname “Redskins” and how it relates to today.

Agenda 21: Control the World

Agenda 21, adopted by the United Nations in 1992 to implement worldwide sustainable development, is emerging from the shadows and drawing major opposition in our country. Those opposed decry that the plan is an infringement on individual rights on a state, local and community level, and is basically an attempt at creating a new world order. “Sustainable development is a term that was defined by the United Nations … The plan restricts your choices, it limits your ability to govern yourself and it takes away your freedom,” says Rosa Koire, executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute. Get the lowdown on Agenda 21 and its dangerous repercussions from a myriad of sources, including conservative political commentator Glenn Beck in this episode of “Jason A.”

Who’s Her Coach?

Glenn Beck says someone is taking¬†Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s mother aside and showing her how to sow confusion about the truth behind the Boston bombing. This is a tactic that terrorists often use against Israel. Now they are directing their guile against the United States to fuel conspiracy theories, a dangerous situation.

How Can We Preserve Freedom

Magician/atheist Penn Jillette and conservative talk show host Glenn Beck might make for strange bedfellows, but the two are longtime friends and actually agree on many issues. Central to their beliefs: We need more freedom in this country, not less. We need a more limited government grounded on the Constitution, not a government that’s forever growing, amassing power and moving us toward becoming a more totalitarian society.

Beck Bigger Than Beatle

The tale of the tape is now in…Crazy like a Fox Glenn Beck sold more than 40,000 tickets this weekend to his Restoring Love event at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, outperforming the 36,000-seat draw of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney in 2009. Beck can now legitimately post a claim to answering the conundrum posed by “Strawberry Fields Forever”: He buried Paul.

Love him or hate him, one thing you’ve got to give credit to Beck: Who else in contemporary America could fill a stadium anxiously awaiting a keynote address framed by an eloquent recitation of Rudyard Kipling’s 1919 poem “The Gods of the Copybook Headings?” I’m not waiting with bated breath for Madonna or Lady Gaga to tap that same vault before popping a bra strap or cranking up the techno-synth.

The one question I have for Beck: What’s with that eyeball you’re wearing on your T-shirt? The red shoes and blue denims signify conservative coolness. The white T-shirt with the Eye, I dunno.

Don’t get me wrong. I get the symbology behind wearing the red, white and blue. But along with Kipling, I’d prefer to see some concrete American icon evoked on your shirt — Washington, Ben Franklin or TJ — and not just some ubiquitous eye. But that’s just me.

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