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The Library Liberals Hate

Liberals are ecstatic. Ever since the dedication of the new George W Bush Presidential Library, which they hate, the Lefties now have one more thing they can blame on Bush. In this NewsBusted, Jodi Miller also discusses the Boston Marathon bombing, food-stamp abuses and the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

If Bush Was the President

Imagine if George W. Bush was presiding over 89 million able-bodied, working-age Americans who were not working, what would the media be saying? The U6 unemployment rate (the government’s most accurate measurement of joblessness) now stands at 14.3%. Would the media quote the lower but far less accurate, and far more favorable rate of 7.7% and declare that “things are improving?” What if the Labor Force Participation Rate was the lowest for men since 1948 — when record-keeping first began? Would the media trumpet a “recovery?” Never in a million years.

This Debate’s Gone to the Dogs

This just in…Former President George Bush’s dog Barney died last week. “Liberals say Barney would have been saved if Obamacare had been fully implemented,” says Jodi Miller. “However, some conservatives are blaming the Clintons.” In this edition of NewsBusted,  Miller also touches on Chuck Hagel’s disastrous Congressional hearing, Leon Panetta’s decision to allow women in combat, and RuPaul defeating CNN’s Piers Morgan in the TV rating battle.

Blame It On Bush

Here’s the first single off a new album called Electile Dysfunction by The Voters, a politically minded band out of Miami, Florida. The band members — Lee Levin, Chris Zalles, Derek Cintron and Alex Garcia — say their sound is grounded upon “a love of Country, a love of music, and a passionate interest in politics…. At a time when Americans are confronted by biased media,  an unhealthy attraction to “celebrity”, multimillion dollar campaigns of disinformation, and the bitter taste of angry politics, The Voters hope to bring some truth and fact into the equation, exercising their 1st amendment rights through music.”

You can read more about the band, hear samples from all of their songs and buy their album at H/T small dead animals

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