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How to Save White Tigers

For years, white tigers have been inbred with one another to maintain their regal, milky coats. It’s an unsustainable practice that causes a host of problems. So is there a safe way to keep the White Tiger white? Scientists think they’ve found the answer.

Genetic Privacy

In this edition of Bite Sci-zed, Alex Dainis raises several pivotal questions regarding genetic privacy, few of which have easy answers.

The Case of the Blue Allele

Alec Dainis performs some down and dirty genetic gumshoe work in this episode of Bite Sci-zed.

We Were All Women

Dear Gentlemen. Science has a confession. You were once…a female, which helps to explain where your nipples came from. ┬áH/T asapSCIENCE

Sugar, Worms and Space

In this week’s SciShow news, Hank Green explains how earthworms are doing nanotechnology for us, Americans will soon be eating genetically modified salmon and the Russians are going back to space.

The Story of You

Ever since a monk called Mendel started breeding pea plants, we’ve been learning about our genomes. In 1953, Watson, Crick and Franklin described the structure of the molecule that makes up our genomes: the DNA double helix. Then, in 2001, scientists wrote down the entire 3-billion letter code contained in the average human genome. Now they’re trying to interpret that code; to work out how it’s used to make different types of cells and different people. The ENCODE project, as it’s called, is the latest chapter in the story of you. —

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