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IRS Agents Get Serious

IRS agents have come under fire for buying wine, diet pills and pornography with their government-issued credit cards. “Hey, at least these IRS agents didn’t waste their money on something silly — like a copy of the Constitution,” says Jodi Miller. In this week’s edition of NewsBusted, she also discusses the Girl Scouts marching in San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade and joins the speculation on Ted Nugent’s possible Presidential campaign.

Gay Marriage Debate

Bill Whittle as the Virtual President discusses the recent Supreme Court ruling on Gay Marriage and proposes a simple solution that ensures our Constitutional protections and may leave both sides offended, but free and un-coerced.


Obama Watches Fox News

The Administration’s spying on Fox News reporter James Rosen offers proof that Obama’s minions are watching the conservative network. “They just do it with wiretaps and helicopters,” says Jodi Miller. In this week’s NewsBusted, she also touches on same-sex marriages in Minnesota, illegal aliens at the Oval Office and President Obama’s promise to cut back on drone strikes.

Today’s False Heroes

Col. Allen West discusses NBA basketball player Jason Collins. Collins revealed publicly that he is gay, and received a telephone call from President Obama. Col. Allen West contrasts this with the heroism of soldiers like Sgt. Greg Robinson, who became the first amputee to complete Air Assault School. The training was so grueling that Robinson broke his prosthetic leg twice. Did Sgt. Robinson receive a call from President Obama? Did other decorated soldiers like Army Lieutenant Col. Matthew Dooley?H/T PJTV

Attack of the 50 Ft. Hairdresser

Joe Dan Gorman, Techmo Bowl Champion, offers a impassioned defense of traditional marriage, citing biological and social grounds that have prevailed for centuries. How arrogant for one generation to think it can overturn values forged over centuries since the dawn of civilization. Joe Dan enunciates his position in this Intellectual Froglegs.

Biden on Cruise Control

Joe Biden is taking his third vacation so far in 2013. “Shhh…don’t complain,” says Jodi Miller. “We’re better off, believe me.” She also addresses the Supreme Court’s pending same-sex marriage case, Jim Carrey gun control antics and North Korea’s belligerent Kim Jong Un in this edition of NewsBusted.

Court to Punt on Gay Marriage

“The Supreme Court seems to think that the backers of [California’s] Proposition 8 don’t have the standing to bring this case, which would send the case back to the district courts,” says Reason’s Damon Root, who attended Wednesday’s oral arguments for one of the most-watched cases in years.

Hollingsworth v. Perry deals with a ballot initiative passed with 52 percent of the vote in 2008 that bars the Golden State from recognizing same-sex marriage. “That would mean one of two things: We could have gay marriage in California but nowhere else, or the ruling could be limited just to the two same-sex couples that brought the case.”

Root, who writes frequently about legal issues, sat down with Reason magazine’s Matt Welch to discuss how he thinks the justices will rule based on the proceedings.

More of the Same Old…Stuff

President Obama’s inaugural speech Monday makes clear. He won’t be addressing the nation’s unemployment problems or attempting to corral runaway entitlements in his second term. Instead we can expect him to continue to focus on fringe issues that appeal to distinct elements of the Democratic Party’s base — immigration, for instance, and gay marriage. Republican strategist Karl Rove analyzes the President’s speech for the Wall Street Journal.

The Supremes Are Back

The Supreme Court is back in session with some major cases on the docket: gay marriage, the limits of police power during drunk driving investigations and the rights of property owners to develop their land. How are the justices expected to rule in these cases and what are the likely implications of their decisions? Managing Editor Damon Root looks into the crystal ball with Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie.

Femen Whacked at Vatican

Femen, the topless Ukraine protesters, flashed their boobs on St. Peter’s Square to disrupt the Pope’s weekly prayer and take a poke at the church for opposing gay marriage. But the assembled faithful didn’t take too kindly to the outburst, as one supplicant whipped out an umbrella to smack the Femen-ists. In this case, serves them right. With their bodies emblazoned with the words “Shut Up,” Femen invited a reciprocal response. These ladies look good, but they need to rethink their Fascist tactics.

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