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A Gangnam Christmas

It took Kym Illman of Perth, Australia more than 200 hours to string the 41,000 light bulbs to transform his home into a Gangnam Style Christmas. The display was such a big hit, though, that the local council ordered Illman to pull the plug after just three days. Next year, Illman plans to resurrect the display and move it to a commercial space, with plenty of parking, to accommodate larger crowds without posing a safety risk to kids in his neighborhood. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Halloween Style

Four singing pumpkins, tombstones, strobes and thousands of lights transform a home in Riverside, California, into a Gangnam Style salute to Halloween.

Dissident “Gangnam” in China

Ai Weiwei, China’s best-known dissident, has released his own Gangnam Style parody now being parsed to determine its political message. The artist appears dancing at his studio with friends, wearing a pink shirt and brandishing handcuffs — perhaps referring to his jailing earlier this year. Lara Day from the Wall Street Journal discusses the political implications  behind the video and the controversy surrounding it in China, where it was quickly banned by the Chinese government.

Gangnam Parodies Abound

They’ve sprouted up like dandelions all around the world. Psy’s K-Pop hit “Gangnam Style” has spawned more parodies than any other song this year, perhaps all decade. On YouTube, you won’t find three or four parodies, or even a dozen, but several hundred of them from all across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Americas and even from Oman. We can’t, and wouldn’t want, to present them all — some are sweet, but best left for friends and families to view. Here are eight that merit viral attention.

First, from Korea, comes “Hongdae Style.” Just as Psy sings of Gangnam, Seoul’s most upscale shopping district, this parody celebrates another neighborhood of the Korean city, the Hongdae district, full of nightclubs and restaurants that cater to college students and younger Koreans.

Also from Korea, “Byuntae Style.” Byuntae is not a place, but a slang term for a pervert.

From Thailand, a parody called “กำนันสไตล์,” which I’m afraid I can’t begin to translate. But the love interest in the red, white and blue USA hot pants needs no translation.

From Italy, “High on Gangnam Style.”

Some animated horseplay — “Pony Gangnam Style.”

Here, the University of Oregon Duck leads the Oregon Cheer, Sluggo and Bigfoot in their own Gangnam parody.

And, finally, even the Norwegians cut loose with “Norway Style.”

Gangnam Style

South Korea’s fast-rising pop star, Psy, with his signature song and its hilarious dance moves. Gangnam, by the way, is the most affluent district in the city of Seoul, an entertainment hub and home to Seoul’s most upscale retail outlets. The song lampoons the materialistic style of Gangnam.

There have been many attempts to launch Korean pop, also known as K-Pop, stateside. Look for Psy to finally achieve that breakthrough. He’s currently the second most downloaded artist on iTunes — behind only Justin Bieber and just ahead of Katy Perry.

And here’s Psy in a duet of the song with Hyuna, released last week and dubbed “Oppa Is Just My Style.”

I have a confession. I’m a longtime, diehard K-Pop fan, but not because of Psy. The appeal for me: South Korea boasts the world’s sexiest all-girl bands, with the slickest dance moves and catchiest songs. Don’t believe me? Watch Korea’s After School taking Japan by storm, performing “Bang!”

Girls’ Generation answered with a Japanese version of “Mr. Taxi.” Why Japanese versions? Japan is a huge music market, so K-Pop songs can be easily translated and become much more profitable. Not always, but sometimes the Japanese music videos are also steamier than the originals.

More controversial has been Brown Eyed Girls with their hit “Abracadabra,” with its kinky overtures, including boob fondling and hints of a lesbian kiss.

Finally, the K-Pop girl band that perhaps best embodies Psy’s flair for fun — the colorfully costumed and hot-stepping T-ara (shorthand for “Tiara”) with “Roly Poly.”

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