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Fighting Quail

Yesterday we presented Part 1 of Vice’s special report on underground gambling in Afghanistan, focusing on dog fights. Today’s second part in the series examines an even more exotic form of gambling  — quail fights at the Ka Faroshi bird market, where rival teams prep their fighting quails for the next morning’s match.

Afghanistan’s Dog Fights

Vice traveled to Kabul in search of illicit gambling rings where men bet on quail fights, buzkashi (like polo, but with a headless goat), and dog fights. First in a three-part series.


Leave the Gamblers Alone

Author Patrick Basham and gambler Annie Duke complain about government busybodies interfering with gamblers, a risk that individuals assume voluntarily.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The United States angered Antigua and Barbuda by placing an embargo on a lucrative online gambling operation headquartered on the Caribbean islands. Now, Antigua and Barbuda are threatening to retaliate by legalizing Internet piracy. Looks like all those lawyers from Hollywood and Silicon Valley better cancel their Antigua vacation plans and go to Aruba instead.

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