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Some Advice for Rand Paul

AlfonZo Rachel addresses the issue of discrimination in the private sector. Zo does not think that businesses should discriminate, but he thinks that Rand Paul needs to be ready to address this issue. Hear why. H/T PJTV

Wisdom of My Butcher Father

Wayne Allyn Root’s father, David, was a blue-collar butcher. But Root says his father “was wise beyond his economic status in life. His wisdom of 40 years ago is still timely and points to the reasons for our economic crisis and decline today.”

Facts of Life for Liberals

In this episode of On the Culture, Andrew Klavan explains how the free market works in a way that even Progressives can understand.

Why You Should Live Abroad

“I recommend defaulting on the debt for several reasons,” explains best-selling author, investment strategist and libertarian commentator Doug Casey. “Perhaps the best one is that I don’t think it’s correct to make the next several generations of Americans indentured servants.”

His new book, Totally Incorrect, is a collection of conversations with Louis James that explore the ways in which centralized government power threatens cultural and economic progress. In a series of engaging and wide-ranging dialogues, Casey and James talk about everything from the Great Depression to drug use to the Roman Empire.

Reason TV‘s Nick Gillespie sat down with Casey to discuss why America should default on its debt, why he spends most of his time in Argentina these days, and the importance of self-reliance and free-market principles.

The Supremes Are Back

The Supreme Court is back in session with some major cases on the docket: gay marriage, the limits of police power during drunk driving investigations and the rights of property owners to develop their land. How are the justices expected to rule in these cases and what are the likely implications of their decisions? Managing Editor Damon Root looks into the crystal ball with Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie.

What Prices Tell Us

If you want to do good for the world, Duke University Prof. Michael Munger has a piece of advice: Listen to the price system. He compares prices to a genie that knows everything in the world and tells you exactly what goods and services humanity needs most. H/T Learn Liberty

What’s Right with Social Justice

Do free market advocates care about the plight of the poor? In this video, Professor Matt Zwolinski from the University of San Diego argues that both free market advocates and social justice proponents can agree that the rules of a just society should work for the maximum advantage of its poorest members. They differ, however, mainly on HOW to achieve the best results for the poor.

China’s Rich and Famous

There are now more millionaires in Shanghai or in Beijing than in Los Angeles. In fact, China sports a growing number of billionaires, some of whom are becoming more open about showing off their wealth in a society where profit-making was once taboo. Here’s a profile of some of the more colorful representatives of China’s elite class. H/T Journeyman Pictures


How to Privatize Everything

“Producing laws is not an easier problem than producing cars or food,” says David Friedman, author, philosopher and professor at Santa Clara University. “So if the government’s incompetent to produce cars or food, why do you expect it to do a good job producing the legal system within which you are then going to produce the cars and the food?”

Friedman sat down to talk with Reason TV at Libertopia 2012 in San Diego. Friedman reflected on the impact of his landmark book, The Machinery of Freedom, discussed the differences between libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism and revealed what his father, economist Milton Friedman, thought of his anarchist leanings.

Wal-Mart Hatred

On Black Friday, a timely day to resurrect this episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit, defending Wal-Mart against the political stooges, unions, anti-capitalists, competitors and Left-leaning activists aligned against the retail chain.

This is one of the best takedowns ever of Robert Greenwald, the lockstep propagandist masquerading as a documentary filmmaker, who created Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, among other works. Greenwald assails Wal-Mart for opposing unions, but as Penn & Teller note, he’s never used union crews on his low-budget, agitprop movies. It brings to mind what William F. Buckley once told a detractor, “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” (Caution: NSFW, owing to language and nudity) H/T iOwntheWorld

UPDATE: A nationwide boycott against Wal-Mart fizzled out today. Shoppers came out in droves, and as few as 50 Wal-Mart employees — out of a workforce of 1.3 million — staged walkouts. A union-backed group, Our Wal-Mart, was leading the fight and garnered plenty of media coverage, but apparently its support was all Astro-Turf.

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