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Burka Violence Roils France

Riot police have beefed up patrols in suburbs west of Paris that have seen dozens of cars torched and a police station attacked amid tensions over the government’s handling of France’s ban on Muslim face veils. Over a dozen cars were set ablaze and four people detained in a second night of violence over the weekend, with most of the violence taking place in the town of Elancourt.

Satan in Prison

Satan is confined to an empty cell but it doesn’t take him long to dress up the place, using magic to create a table, chairs, paintings and eventually a woman in this 1907 fantasy by Georges Melies.¬† As in his previous films, the special effects are certainly the highlights and while the trick shots are obviously done through editing, the quality had certainly improved by this point in the director’s career.

FDA’s Cheesy Mimolette Ban

With immigration reform in the news, here’s another tale of the federal government telling foreigners that they’re not welcome in the United States: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is holding thousands of pounds of mimolette cheese captive in a New Jersey compound because the regulators say the orange-hued, gouda-like fromage has too many mites on its rind.

The French Have a Name for It

The tongue-tying kiss has long been known in English as the “French kiss.” Now, the French have finally adopted their own jargon for this sloppy mouth-to-mouth action: Galocher.

French Soldier Stabbed

In a copycat assault patterned after the brutal murder of a British soldier in London, a French soldier has been stabbed while on patrol in a busy shopping district in Paris. Muslim extremists, it appears, are hellbent on a chopping spree.



Babies in Deep Thought?

Scientists from the national research agency in France have found that infants as young as five months old may show signs of conscious thought. The neuroscientists attached¬†electrodes to the infants’ heads to measure changes in electrical brain activity called event related potentials, or ERP. Critics are skeptical and claim the scientists are misinterpreting the results.

That Night in Williamsburg

Here’s a different kind of time-lapse film, creating a brilliant effect using syncopated building lights and blurred traffic patterns set to music. The French designer Supralude shot this in Brooklyn, incorporating a remix of Nine Inch Nails’ “21 Ghosts” performed by Near Deaf Experience.

Unrest Spreads in Africa

France has sent around 300 soldiers to the Central African Republic to secure the airport and diplomatic installations in the capital of Bangui after rebels seized the city in fierce fighting over the weekend. The skirmishes claimed the lives of 13 South African soldiers. The French troops hope to restore order in the landlocked republic, a former French colony.

Al-Qaeda’s Forward Base

France’s top defense official claims the terrorist group al-Qaeda stockpiled tons of weapons in Mali and planned to use the Central African country’s north as a base for international attacks.

Pacific Fallout

The French conducted 193 nuclear weapons tests on the idyllic islands making up French Polynesia. Decades on, can the islands ever be completely decontaminated? SBS Dateline from Australia reports.

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