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Fracking Up a Storm

It’s a fact that fracking–the process of pumping chemicals and water into the ground to fracture rock and produce oil and gas–produces fuel that’s cheaper, plentiful and beneficial for everyone on the planet. But the liberal left is waging an all-out assault to ban the drilling technique. Fox News’ John Stossel examines the controversial process and the left’s attempt to ban it permanently in this episode of Liberty Pen.

‘Fracknation’ Sets It Straight

Liberals want you to believe that fracking is evil, but the film FrackNation sets the record straight about the natural gas industry and process known as hydraulic fracturing. Hear more as AlfonZo Rachel tells you the truth about critics of natural gas. H/T PJTV

Fracking Is the Answer

Don’t fall for the green/Hollywood propaganda, as pedaled in The Promised Land, the Matt Damon environmental screed shamelessly financed by Middle Eastern oil interests. As pundit Dick Morris explains, fracking is a perfectly sound and viable solution to the America’s energy needs.

Facts About Fracking

Hank Green from the SciShow explains how fracking is done. The process has greatly expanded our domestic pool of oil and natural gas. At the same time, Green says, it carries certain environmental risks, so must be done carefully to avoid contaminating water supplies or increasing the probability of earthquakes.

Unemployment Rising Again

Let’s get started…America’s unemployment went up to 7.8 percent last month. “Which can only mean one thing,” says ┬áJodi Miller. “The election’s over.” In this episode of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on a New Hampshire lawmaker who wants to ban conservatives and growing evidence that fracking is environmentally safe, never mind the protestations of Matt Damon and the usual assortment of leftist Hollywood dingbats.

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