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.50-Caliber Weapons on Border

While President Obama lounges at Camp David, turmoil on the southern border is reaching a fever pitch. In a bold move unfolding over the weekend, drug cartels fired on U.S. Border Patrol agents with .50-caliber weapons, escalating what has been a never-ending disaster. And if that wasn’t enough, while the gunfire ensued illegal immigrants continued their trek across the border, this time on Jet Skis, believe it or not. Fox & Friends weekend crew Heather Nauert, Jon Scott and Peter Johnson Jr. discuss the turn of events.

Bill Ayers in the Hot Seat

In an unprecedented interview on Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” radical activist Bill Ayers who terrorized America with members of the Students for a Democratic Society and Weather Underground in the 1960s and 1970s, opens up to host Megyn Kelly. Despite evidence to the contrary, as Kelly points out, Ayers vehemently denies any involvement in bombings carried out by his revolutionary group that killed innocent people. Check it out as Kelly grills Ayers in this explosive interview.

Surpise, Surprise

After waiting nearly a year for e-mails connected to IRS Scandal key witness Lois Lerner, the Congressional committee investigating the matter received a surprise response over the weekend. In what has become commonplace at the White House, the IRS chose a quiet Friday afternoon with other issues dominating the airwaves to inform the committee that the e-mail–Ready for this?–disappeared into cyberspace. Poof! Gone. The e-mails, of course, are key pieces of evidence in proving that Lerner and the IRS used government resources to place additional pressure on tax-exempt Tea Party affiliated organizations and conservatives prior to the 2010 and 2012 elections. Fox News host Bret Baier and a “Special Report” all-star panel (syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, Ron Fournier of the National Review and syndicated columnist George Will) discuss the ramifications of the turn of events.

NSA’s Black List Exposed

American journalist Glenn Greenwald, a columnist for British national newspaper The Guardian and one of several reporters to break the NSA-Edward Snowden story, is set to make an even bigger splash soon. Greenwald is expected to make his biggest move to date later this week when he releases the names of many prominent Americans targeted by the NSA. In this edition of Liberty Pen, Fox News’ Shepard Smith and frequent contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano discuss Greenwald’s threat and the consequences that will follow.

Obama Dumps Shinseki

After diddling and dawdling for months, and with his proverbial back against the wall, President Obama fired beleaguered VA Secretary Eric Shinseki amid one of the worst scandals of the administration that has now penetrated 42 facilities across the country. The swift announcement was welcomed by U.S. veterans, many of them suffering unheard of delays in medical care. Fox News’ Bret Baier is joined by the heavyweight analyst trio of Charles Krauthammer, A.B. Stoddard and George will as they dissect the VA shakeup.

Cover-Up Of a Cover-Up

Syndicated columnist and Fox News political analyst Charles Krauthammer opines on the recent development in the ongoing Benghazi Scandal. “We now have the smoking document, which is the White House saying, ‘We’re pushing the video because we don’t want to blame it on the failure of our policies.” Tune in as Krauthammer explains.

End of Internet Neutrality

Fox News’ Shepard Smith and Fox Business Network’s’ Gerri Willis discuss the FCC’s proposal for major changes that will likely impact the speed of our Internet connection and how much we pay for it in this edition of Liberty Pen.

Dissecting the Ukraine Crisis

Fox News national security analyst, KT McFarland, former assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration, explains everything there is to know about the Ukraine-Russian Crisis in two minutes.

Rand Paul Sues Obama, NSA

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul followed through on his threat to file a class-action lawsuit against President Obama and the NSA regarding the gathering of phone records. “On behalf of myself, Freedom Works and everyone in America who has a phone, we’re filing suit against the President of the United States in defense of the fourth amendment,” Paul said. Fox News’ Jenna Lee interviews Fox contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano about the ramifications of the lawsuit.

Cuomo Inserts Foot in Mouth

Andrew Cuomo is at it again. The ultra-liberal governor of New York riled up conservatives, including many of his very own New Yorkers, when he made disparaging remarks regarding their political views. Cuomo basically threw down the political gauntlet when he said that pro-lifers, pro assault weapon and anti-gay extreme conservatives have no place in New York. The comments created a firestorm and drew immediate reaction from New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox who demanded an apology. “I call on Governor Cuomo to apologize to New York’s good conservatives and Catholics for his statement that ‘they have no place in the state of New York’ and to all New Yorkers for poisoning New York politics with divisive rhetoric at a time when New York needs to be united to address its continuing economic problems.” Cox explains his comments to Fox News’ Bill Hemmer.

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