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More Seething from Morsi

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi seems hellbent to prove he’s a bigger anti-Semite than Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. After previously calling Jews the descendants of “apes and pigs,” Morsi now has told a delegation of visiting US senators that he’d enjoy a better rep in America if it wasn’t for the “controlled” media that’s biased against him.

Wrong, Lipschitz. No one has to misinterpret your words to make you look bad. Every time you open your mouth, you demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that every bone in your body is bigoted and bent. Spare us a few billion shekels, Obama, and cast this clown adrift. If he counts as an American ally, who needs enemies?

Not One Penny More

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, calls for foreign aid to end for Egypt, Pakistan and Libya “until they act like our allies.” Paul advocates that half the savings be reallocated for veterans’ benefits and the balance applied to debt reduction.

In the opposite camp, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, argues that foreign aid serves a vital purpose to maintain stability, promote democracies worldwide and to project American power.

What’s your position? Ours lies between the two poles represented by Rand and McCain. The United States needs to be careful in doling out aid to these turbulent nations. Conditions must be attached ensuring the safety of American interests — such as embassies or businesses. And we should never give aid — not one penny more — to nations hostile to us.

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