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Test-Tube Burger

Now that the first test-tube burger has been introduced in London, experts are split on whether this is a fortuitous scientific breakthrough or a culinary abomination. Debating the subject for Great Britain’s Channel 4 are chef Yotam Ottolenghi and Joanna Blythman, author of several food books, including WHAT TO EAT.

The Fatwa on Croissants

A sharia committee in a rebel-held area of Syria has banned croissants, because the French delicacy allegedly violates Muslim morality and recalls the country’s painful colonial past. The fatwa against the manufacture, sale and consumption of croissants is in effect in rebel-controlled sections of the city Aleppo, where sharia committees had already made wearing tight clothes and makeup a criminal offense for any Muslim woman.

Do Food Regulations Work?

Why do we consume so much high fructose corn syrup? Why does America suffer from an obesity epidemic? And why are fruits and vegetables so expensive? Professor Dan D’Amico of Loyola University argues that special interests and government policy are at least partly to blame. According to Professor D’Amico, rent seeking and regulations — such as “organic” certification — results in lower costs for less healthy foods and higher costs for nutritional foods.

Helpful Tips for Healthy Eating

These tips on eating healthy are kind of informative! H/T Pleated Jeans

Fair-Trade Coffee

Fair-trade coffee sells at a higher price and helps the farmer—a small landowner—receive more profit for his product. Unfortunately, fair-trade products do nothing to help impoverished migrant workers. Is there a better way to help the poorest of the poor? Prof. Colleen Haight has researched fair-trade coffee for over 10 years and has visited several Central American coffee farms. She suggests that while fair trade has done much to increase consumer awareness, it is not the best way to help the poor. Instead, she recommends buying premium coffees. As premium coffee beans fetch higher prices in the market, migrant workers who work on premium coffee farms earn higher pay.

Ways to Burn 200 Calories

AsapSCIENCE enumerates some wacky ways to burn 200 calories. For instance, 45 sessions of tooth-brushing will do the trick!

The Bad Rap Against MSG

Anything with MSG in it just tastes better. But for years we’ve been told how awful it is for us and to steer clear of any foods that use it. So what is MSG anyway and is it actually bad for us? To find out, D News explores the origins of this delicious taste.

Turning the Desert Green

Petroleum-rich Qatar is spearheading projects to tackle the problems facing desert communities worldwide; from energy to fresh water and food production. But does their expensive, high-tech solution make sense?

“Qatar in many ways is ground zero for a lot of the challenges we’re going to see in the century ahead”, argues US ex-pat Jonathan Smith, from the Qatar National Food Program. Soaring temperatures, swelling populations and minimal rainfall plague the otherwise booming nation. Now its leaders are pushing ambitious experiments like the Sahara Forest Project, transforming seawater and sunlight into fresh water, vegetables, electricity, biofuel and animal feed. “The techniques we’re developing here can be applied in many regions in the world”, the project scientists insist.

This Is 200 Calories

From Broccoli to Big Macs – All of your favorite foods, shown as 200 calories! H/T AsapSCIENCE

That’s A Spicy Meatball

Crediting Italy with the creation of one of America’s favorite comfort foods, spaghetti and meatballs, seems logical enough. A deeper look into the dish’s history, though, shows it was a pure American invention.

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