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Couple Culture in Korea

What are some things you should know about couple culture in Korea? How about couple clothing? Did you know about the couple app that’s big in Korea? How about the importance of the 14th of every month? Simon and Martini of Eat Your Kimchi talk about couple culture and dating in Korea, as well as their obsession with CocoCurry.

Taliban Targets Sheer Clothing

The Taliban continues to play the role of fashion cops in Pakistan. Shopkeepers have been warned they can be fined as much as $500 if they sell sheer or tight-fitting clothes for men.  The Taliban wants everyone looking suitably nondescript for the holy month of Ramadan.

Styled in California

“This is a typical California day,” narrator Janis Paige announces as a family arrives at the beach in a convertible. Courtesy of Prelinger Archive comes this colorful 1960s advertisement for Montgomery Ward’s summer clothing line.

“California has become the fastest growing fashion and design center in the world,” Paige notes. Moreover, the people are happy, and it’s not because they’re on vacation. It’s because they live here. Everything is shiny and new — not wholly a rejection of East Coast opulence, but reflective of a different pace of life — one focused more on amusement. Mad Men viewers will appreciate this advertising campaign’s time capsule of an era.

Waisting Away

Michele Kobke of Germany shows off her super tiny 16-inch waist after wearing a corset every day for three years. The 24-year-old is aiming to break the record for the world’s tiniest waist.

How to Tie a Bow Tie

The bow tie is back in vogue, but some still find it too daunting to tie. Here’s a fun, but also useful stop-motion animation that lays out how to master this skill. H/T Kuriositas

Spider Senses are Tingling

Usually, women dress for success or to attract. A new robotic spider dress designed by Anouk Wipprecht aims to repel and repulse. The dress is equipped with motion sensors. When someone gets close to a woman, the robotic spiders on her shoulders get agitated and begin to flail. Back off, Will Robinson! H/T My Disguises

Why Women Wear Heels

High heels are uncomfortable and unpractical, so why do women wear them?

A new study reveals that the way high heels make a woman walk has an effect on the way she moves. That shift in movement makes other people perceive the wearer as more feminine and attractive.

Fashionista Tips for the Frugal

With the economy a mess and 23 million Americans unemployed, more folks are looking for ways to scrimp and save. The hot, Paraguay-born beauty Giannina Lezcano, aka Giannyl, has emerged as one of the Internet’s Do-It-Yourself experts, providing fashionista tips on ways to transform your faded, Goodwill offerings into sexy, new articles of clothing. Here, she demonstrates how you can create a sports bra out of men’s underwear! Visit her website at H/T My Disguises

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