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The Federal Raisin Robbers

Raisin farmers in America face an implacable enemy — the federal government, though the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) — which annually confiscates 47 percent of the raisin crop without reimbursing the farmers. The bizarre, antiquated and patently unfair practice is leading many of these farmers to financial ruin, but now they are banding together to fight back. Reason.TV reports.

Fair-Trade Coffee

Fair-trade coffee sells at a higher price and helps the farmer—a small landowner—receive more profit for his product. Unfortunately, fair-trade products do nothing to help impoverished migrant workers. Is there a better way to help the poorest of the poor? Prof. Colleen Haight has researched fair-trade coffee for over 10 years and has visited several Central American coffee farms. She suggests that while fair trade has done much to increase consumer awareness, it is not the best way to help the poor. Instead, she recommends buying premium coffees. As premium coffee beans fetch higher prices in the market, migrant workers who work on premium coffee farms earn higher pay.

Oyster Farm Evicted

The National Park Service has evicted Drakes Bay Family Oyster Farm in Point Reyes, Calif., putting 30 people out of work and shutting down the last oyster cannery in California. The farm had been in operation for 40 years under a lease with the federal government, but had come under attack from “wilderness advocates” who believed the operation marred a pristine coastline. Now, the coastline will be empty and open, at the same time that 30 more Americans will be unemployed and one more small business destroyed by the Obama Administration.

Here is a short video about the oyster farm created by local students from Tampalais High School in 2010. The students titled the video Love on the Half Shell.

China’s High-Diving Pigs

A farmer in Ningxiang, China, has taught his pig to high-dive from a 3-meter platform. He requires each pig to make three dives a day, but some of the pigs are so slap-happy over hitting the water that they dive as many as 30 times daily. The farmer believes this has made his pigs fitter, happier and tastier. Matt Blake reports for ITN News.

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