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Obama’s Robots at MSNBC

“Japan has created the first astronaut robots,” says Jodi Miller. “And it’s almost as realistic as the Obama robots who work at MSNBC.” Miller also touches on Obamacare, Facebook, American poverty, the Venezuelan economy and the farm bill in this edition of “NewsBusted.”

Facebook Cybercriminals

A Channel 4 News investigation in Great Britain has found Facebook targeted by cybercriminals, who have hijacked users’ accounts and forced their victims to endorse brands and products they want nothing to with.

State Dept Buys Facebook Likes

At a time when the government is pleading austerity, the State Department spent $630,000 to buy Facebook “Likes.” Lee Doren expounds on the waste in his latest How the World Works video.

Tech Firms Face Backlash

Some of the world’s biggest internet firms¬† — Google, Facebook and Skype¬† — are under pressure to explain just how far they co-operated with intelligence agencies to access your personal information. Here’s a report from Great Britain’s Channel 4. Criticism of the US-based tech firms appears to be strongest in Europe.

Facebook: The Musical

Are you also a Facebook addict?!
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H/T AVByte

A Real-life Facebook Update

Facebook reaches out to bring your friends into the privacy of your home. H/T ExtremelyDecentFilms

Drunk Donaldson Popped

This just in. Sam Donaldson was arrested for a DUI in Delaware. “He was arrested when he was unable to shout the alphabet backwards,” says Jodi Miller. She also weighs in on Facebook gifts, Spike Lee’s boycott of Djano Unchained and John Kerry’s nomination as Secretary of State in this edition of Newsbusted.

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