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The Assault on Free Speech

Sun TV’s Ezra Levant and fellow Canadian Mark Steyn discuss the assault on free speech, the criminalizing of opinion and the collapse of 700 years of Western traditions.

Mocking the Mass

Conservative pundit Ezra Levant lashes into the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. for airing a comedy skit mocking the Catholic Mass. It’s about time someone returned fire on vehement church critics, like Bill Maher, who seem to always have carte blanche to spew their bile over the public airwaves. Yes, the Bible counsels turning the other cheek, but admit it — ain’t it sweet to see the wicked get a taste of their own bitter medicine. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Energy Independence Near

Canada and the United States are on a path to achieve energy independence, pundit Charles Krauthammer tells Ezra Levant of Canada’s Sun News. Canada will do so first, owing to the Obama Administration jumping into bed with radical environmentalists who have impeded the pace of energy development in the United States. As a result, Obama has gutted the coal industry and not allowed natural gas fracking to proceed as quickly as it could.

But Krauthammer predicts Obama will begin to modify his failed energy policies during his second term to help turnaround the anemic economy. The pundit even believes a reversal is imminent on the Keystone Pipeline, and advises Canadians to wait a few months before committing to send vast oil resources to China. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

A View from Abroad

Ezra Levant, conservative pundit from the Sun News Network, in Canada, offers his assessment of the US Presidential election and makes a bold prediction: Romney will carry both Wisconsin and Ohio to win a majority of the Electoral College votes. H/T small dead animals

The End of America

Mark Steyn, author of After America and America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, says the Obama Administration’s calamitous, confusing and cowardly response to the anti-American violence throughout the Muslim world threatens to sandbag the nation’s future. Steyn shares his analysis with pundit Ezra Levant from Sun News in Canada. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Canada’s Break from Iran

Does Canada’s decision to close its embassy in Tehran and evict all Iranian diplomats from Canada signal that Israel is ready to bomb Iran’s nuclear installations? Ezra Levant, the conservative Sun News commentator, says the moment of reckoning is fast-approaching in the Middle East. He cites Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak’s recent statement, “Israel will make its own decisions about future security. The Iranian challenge is a mutual one, however, Israel and the U.S.’s clocks are ticking at different times.” In other words, Levant says, Israel isn’t going to “wait for teleprompter boy” to save the nation “from this generation’s genocidal maniacs.” H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Saudi City For Women

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a city whose workforce will be composed exclusively of women. The announcement has prompted debate, with some seeing it as a modest, half-way measure toward granting more gender equality while others maintain that it’s a subterfuge and doesn’t alter the backward nature of Saudi Arabia’s Sharia Laws.

Those laws are strict — Saudi Arabia remains the only country in the world where women aren’t allowed to drive.  But some new freedoms are being permitted. Women can now attend college, work in certain professions and, beginning in 2015, will be permitted to vote and run for office in local elections. The establishment of the women’s-only enclave outside Al Hofuf, west of Bahrain, will give women new opportunities in the pharmaceutical and textile industries.

But Ezra Levant, commentator for Sun News in Canada, says the establishment of a women’s-only city in Saudia Arabia constitutes “gender apartheid,” eerily similar to the practices of segregation and discrimination once applied to race in South Africa. He says the proposal amounts to “a gulag for uppity women,” rather than truly advancing equality between the sexes. He discusses the issue with Pamela Geller, whose US-based blog, Atlas Shrugs, has extensively covered human rights abuses carried out under the guise of Sharia Laws. H/T iOwnTheWorld

Pirating for Publicity

Commentator Ezra Levant of Canada’s Sun News takes on eco-terrorist Paul Watson and his fraudalent publicity scams that netted $11.4 million last year for his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Once affiliated with Greenpeace, Watson was banished from that organization because of his violent and patently illegal “interventionist” tactics. He hasn’t just engaged in monkey-wrenching against fishermen, whalers and trappers, but gone so far as to use sabotage and ramming techniques against much smaller ships, placing their crews in danger of suffering injury or even death. To Watson, it matters not, because he’s a militant environmentalist who once proclaimed “earthworms are far more valuable than people.”

While he’s wanted for arrest in several nations and skipped bail following an arrest in Germany, Watson has been quite adept at manipulating the media to gain money for his cause. He’s the subject of Whale Wars, a show seen on Animal Planet, and his society has garnered support from such notable celebrities as Pamela Anderson and former TV game-show host Bob Barker. Here is Levant’s take on the Sea Shepherd brigands, as well as an excerpt from Whale Whores, South Park‘s lampoon describing Watson as “a smug, narcoleptic liar with no credibility.”

Canada’s Sad Eeyores

Ezra Levant, pundit with the Sun News Network in Canada, is on a roll, fighting back against the “sad Eeyores” of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council who have made it their mission to censor him. Not only is Levant coming out swinging, but so are the CBSC censors, who he says are transforming from “Eeyores” into Green Hulksters, hellbent to “smash” him. Just how big a threat do these censors pose? Hard to say judging the situation from afar here in the States, but bear in mind that the CBSC is the same ridiculous outfit that recently upbraided a Canadian radio station for playing Dire Straits’ song Money for Nothing. It seems one listener had complained, more than 25 years later, because the 1985 song contained the derogatory word “faggots.”


Conservative Canadian TV pundit Ezra Levant probes the pack mentality of the “Media Party,” the elite liberal journalists who control most of the country’s largest media outlets, operating to squelch dissent and enforce doctrinaire opinion, much like the clique of bullies from the Winona Ryder movie Heathers. The catalyst for Levant’s analysis: The announcement by one of these scribes that he would be leaving Canada behind to take up residence in Cuba.  H/T Blazing Cat Fur

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