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Obama April Fool in Chief

“Next month President Obama will appear on the cover of The Economist magazine,” Jodi Miller reports. “It’s their annual April Fool’s issue.” Miller also takes issue with Eric Holder, gene manipulation, college binge drinking, the Rolling Stones and Madonna in this edition of NewsBusted.

Obama-Iran: Let’s Make A Deal

Jodi Miller reports, “In an interview with NBC News, Iran’s foreign minister renewed his country’s vow to annihilate Israel. To which President Obama said, ‘Let’s make a deal.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also places the spotlight on Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Apple.

A White House Curveball

Jodi Miller reports that, “National Intelligence Director James Clapper said that 2014 was the deadliest year for global terrorists, while John Kerry said we’re safer than ever. Asked if the administration is sending mixed messages, a White House said, ‘Yes and no.'” Miller throws us for a loop with additional reports on the FCC and the Internet, Al Sharpton, Jihad John, President Obama, Eric Holder and Joe Biden in this edition of NewsBusted.

Power-Crazed Feds Insane

With its recent assault on the Bundy Ranch in northern Nevada, it appears that the federal government has totally lost its marbles. Says Joe Dan Gorman, “The federal government has gone insane. They are power-crazed … everywhere! From coast to coast,” Gorman says.”There’s so much red tape and bureaucracies, it’s like we have governments within governments. What was once a drip, drip, drip of socialism is now a full-throttle faucet of communism.” Check out this edition “Intellectual Froglegs” as Gorman opines on the Bundy family standoff with the feds. He also touches on bureaucrats Eric Holder, Harry Reid and Lois Lerner.

Holder on the Hot Seat

As far as Bernie Goldberg is concerned, the White House has always had it out for Fox News, so it’s not that hard to imagine that as the reason why the Department of Justice targeted Fox reporter James Rosen in a scandal that’s now put Attorney General Eric Holder on the hot seat. Goldberg first took the media to task for not being on top of the big Washington scandals, and then argued that one underplayed fact of the Rosen case is that the Obama White House has “waged a war on Fox News” for the past four years, and said it’s “not a tremendous leap” to imagine that this is why Rosen was targeted as opposed to, say, Brian Williams.

The Holder Follies

Where’s “Agent 99” when you need her? How does Eric Holder spell relief? And — can’t talk right now, the Attorney General might be listening. All this — plus — no “Choom” in the courtroom, as Ben Crystal presents this week’s The Great Eight from Personal Liberty Digest.

TIme for Eric Holder to Go

“Should Eric Holder be indicted?” This is the question Judge Jeanine Pirro examines as we all search for the truth in the latest scandal that has rocked the head of the Department of Justice. Pirro proceeds to verbally sentence the Attorney General with each and every violation he’s committed while holding office.

Eric Holder’s Shaky Future

Pundit Dick Morris goes out on a limb and predicts Attorney General Eric Holder will be thrown under the bus, sacrificed in an attempt to ward of further damage to the Obama Administration and Democratic Party from the raft of scandals currently rocking the political establishment in Washington.

One Scandal After Another

Constitutional attorney Michael Connelly describes the Justice Department tapping the Associated Press’ phones as part of the Obama Administration’s all-out assault against the US Constitution and Americans’ legal rights. Connelly is especially troubled by the administration’s refusal to appoint an independent counsel to investigate any of the emerging scandals.

Who’s Watching the Tax Man?

Political commentator Monica Crowley talks with the Wall Street Journal about the Department of Justice investigating the IRS’ harassment of conservative groups.

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