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Jail to the Chief

Joe Dan Gorman, Chuck Norris’ bodyguard, recaps the incestuous relationships between the Obama Administration and the noodling Alphabet Soup networks — ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as CNN. In this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, Joe Dan also blasts the bureaucrats in Washington who’ve thrown obstacles in the way of America achieving energy independence. Forward-thinking governors should defy these fruitbats.

‘Fracknation’ Sets It Straight

Liberals want you to believe that fracking is evil, but the film FrackNation sets the record straight about the natural gas industry and process known as hydraulic fracturing. Hear more as AlfonZo Rachel tells you the truth about critics of natural gas. H/T PJTV

The Greening of the Planet

Matt Ridley, author of The Red Queen, Genome, The Rational Optimist and other books, dropped by Reason’s studio in Los Angeles to talk about a curious global trend that is just starting to receive attention. Over the past three decades, our planet has gotten greener!

Even stranger, the greening of the planet in recent decades appears to be happening because of, not despite, our reliance on fossil fuels. While environmentalists often talk about how CO2 causes bad things to happen like global warming, it turns out that the plants aren’t complaining.

Why Are Gas Prices Soaring?

How many times have we heard that rising gas prices are the fault of villainous oil companies taking advantage of helpless consumers? Prof. Art Carden explains that this popular story is false.

Gas prices go up and down based on the laws of supply and demand. Political problems, such as wars and barriers to the development of new sources and new energy sources, also contribute to rising prices. Prices would also be lower if demand were not artificially increased. H/T LearnLiberty


Weird Science

President Obama is demanding more money for green energy initiatives in his second term. As if Solyndra wasn’t a big enough bust the first time around. Meanwhile, one of the anchors at CNN asks aloud whether global warming contributed to an asteroid nearly swiping the planet Earth. Ben Crystal offers all the Weird Science news on this edition of The Great Eight from Personal Liberty Digest.


Build the Keystone Pipeline

Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie identifies three arguments why President Obama ought to approve the 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline, bringing oil from Alberta, Canada, to refineries along the Gulf of Mexico. The reasons: 1. The oil isn’t going to stay buried. 2. The pipeline isn’t a disaster waiting to happen. 3. It will create jobs and help improve the economy.

Fracking Is the Answer

Don’t fall for the green/Hollywood propaganda, as pedaled in The Promised Land, the Matt Damon environmental screed shamelessly financed by Middle Eastern oil interests. As pundit Dick Morris explains, fracking is a perfectly sound and viable solution to the America’s energy needs.

Facts About Fracking

Hank Green from the SciShow explains how fracking is done. The process has greatly expanded our domestic pool of oil and natural gas. At the same time, Green says, it carries certain environmental risks, so must be done carefully to avoid contaminating water supplies or increasing the probability of earthquakes.

China, India at Odds Over Oil

Tensions are mounting between China and India over rich oil and natural gas deposits below the South China Sea. China stakes claim to most of the energy resources, but India has acquired rights to some territories from Vietnam, and vows to defend its holdings and economic interests. RT, the Russian global TV network, reports.


Energy Independence Near

Canada and the United States are on a path to achieve energy independence, pundit Charles Krauthammer tells Ezra Levant of Canada’s Sun News. Canada will do so first, owing to the Obama Administration jumping into bed with radical environmentalists who have impeded the pace of energy development in the United States. As a result, Obama has gutted the coal industry and not allowed natural gas fracking to proceed as quickly as it could.

But Krauthammer predicts Obama will begin to modify his failed energy policies during his second term to help turnaround the anemic economy. The pundit even believes a reversal is imminent on the Keystone Pipeline, and advises Canadians to wait a few months before committing to send vast oil resources to China. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

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