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Poor, Poor Hillary

Despite belly-aching during her recent book tour that she underwent severe money woes after leaving the White House, it’s now been revealed that Hillary Clinton made $12 million since leaving the State Department. Says Jodi Miller, “So we here at NewsBusted have taken up a collection of food and used clothing to send to her so she’ll have enough to get through the winter.” Miller’s other Newsbusters include Senator Elizabeth Warren, Jet Blue, EPA, Obamacare, Mark Zuckerberg and Rachel Maddow.

Elizabeth or Hillary?

Rumors continue to circulate that President Obama and his minions are actively throwing their support behind U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for fear that a Hillary Clinton presidency would undermine the far left wing of the party and undo the Commander in Chief’s agenda. “They are actively pursuing Elizabeth Warren to run (in 2016),” says political pundit Dick Morris. “They are promising to raise a lot of money for her give her a lot of organizational support.” Morris talks about the left’s new strategy in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

That’s No Earthquake, Obama

It’s just the dead rumbling in their graves at Arlington National Cemetery, reacting to last Tuesday’s election. In this week’s edition of The Great Eight, Ben Crystal also goes dress shopping with Michelle Obama, checks in with Massachusetts’ Princess Liawatha and makes a mad dash for Twinkies and Doritos, hoping the grocery shelves haven’t all been stripped bare of munchies by Colorado’s stoners.

MSNBC in Total Meltdown

Should Elizabeth Warren get a pass on her claims to Native American ancestry? Is Martin Bashir stupid? Is Stephanie Cutter the biggest liar in America? Who will President Obama’s campaign blame next? Find out on this Kruiser Control. H/T PJTV

The Meme That Got Overbuilt

Remember when President Obama said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Well, now we know he was recycling a talk previously given by Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Senate candidate from Massachusetts who notoriously lied about having a Native American ancestry to advance her career as a professor at Harvard Law School.

But Warren didn’t invent this meme, either. Turns out she cribbed it from University of California at Berkeley professor George Lakoff, author of the 2004 book Don’t Think of an Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate– The Essential Guide for Progressives.

The moral here: No matter how much Obama squirms, fudges and denies the intent of his rhetoric, it was no gaffe, but rather a smug, overbuilt meme, hatched in the bowels of academia, and aimed at furthering the Democratic Party’s incendiary class warfare.  Come November, remember to pin this progressive “tall tale” on the donkeys. H/T Legal Insurrection

On the Run

Elizabeth Warren keeps her dodge going, declining to meet with a group of Cherokee women who travel to Boston to ask about her claims to being of Cherokee descent. Warren, the Democratic candidate for US Senator from Massachusetts, cited those claims to advance her academic career at Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania.  If Warren can legitimately prove her Native heritage, it’s time for her to do so. Otherwise, she’s a fraud and apologies are in order — not only to these Cherokee women, but also to the voters of Massachusetts and the universities she duped.

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