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Israel’s Strange Bedfellows

In the surprise of surprises, Israel has gained a pair of strange bedfellows in the turmoil of the Middle East. Dick Morris reports that former Israeli adversaries Saudi Arabia and Egypt have now allied with Israel. Even Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah spoke out against the aggression by Hamas saying, “Hamas’ war against Israel has distorted the image of Islam, with its purity and humanity, with all sorts of bad qualities.” Lend an ear as Morris explains.

Upsurge of Violence in Egypt

The VICE Podcast Show is a weekly discussion that delves inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people within the VICE universe. This week, Reihan Salam speaks with Michael Wahid Hanna, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation and leading expert on affairs in Egypt and the Middle East. Following the ousting of Morsi, Hanna traces the history and mission of Egypt’s key players in an attempt to shed some light on the new wave of violence and bloodshed erupting in the streets of Egypt.

Cry Me a River

The Gaza Strip’s ruling authority Hamas has accused rival West Bank Palestinian movement Fatah of fabricating news meant to demonize it and incite the Egyptian public against it. Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, is still reeling from the ouster of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, a key political ally in the region.

Egyptian Army Strikes

Egypt’s generals launched a wide-scale operation against Islamist militants in the northern Sinai aimed at eliminating terrorist activity on the peninsula. Meanwhile, supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and his party the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood continued their sit-ins and massive rallies in Cairo into the weekend, a day after at least 65 people were killed in clashes with pro-army supporters and security forces countrywide.

Egyptian President Charged

Egypt’s deposed President Mohamed Morsi has been accused of links to Hamas militants and plotting attacks on jails during the 2011 Arab Spring uprising, and is charged with espionage, arson and murder. According to a judicial order, he is to be questioned for an initial 15-day period. Morsi has already been detained for several weeks, but until now he had not been formally charged.

Egypt After Morsi

On June 30, exactly one year after Egyptians voted for Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi to become their first-ever democratically elected president, millions of protesters filled central Cairo and town squares across Egypt demanding his dismissal. The Defense Minister, General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, promptly issued Morsi with a 48-hour deadline to heed the protesters’ demands or face military intervention.

Was this another Egyptian revolution, a military coup or—as some feared—the beginning of a civil war? With the clock to the army’s deadline ticking down and the whole country poised to see what would happen next, VICE went to Cairo to find out.

Christians Attacked in Egypt

“The mainstream media is too afraid of reporting what’s really happening in the Islamic world,” says Brooke Goldstein, director of the Lawfare Project, as she exposes the many attacks against Christians issued by members of the Muslim Brotherhood over the recent ouster of President Mohamed Morsi. Goldstein appeared on Fox News’ “America Live,” hosted by Martha MacCallum.

Satanic Obamacare Delays

The Obama Administration has delayed imposing the employer mandates in Obamacare until after the mid-term 2014 election. The move “could be described, if Obama were a Republican, as killing millions of poor people,” says Jodi Miller. In this edition of NewsBusted, she also addresses the sundry and satanic implications of Morsi’s ouster in Egypt, football star Aaron Hernandez’s arrest on murder charges and Wendy Davis’ abortion filibuster in Texas.


US Urges Morsi’s Release

The Obama Administration has called upon the Egyptian army to release deposed President Mohammed Morsi amid ongoing protests on the first Friday of Ramadan. Obama’s minions keep saying the US is officially neutral in the conflict, but somehow, they’re always carrying water for the losing side — the thuggish Muslim Brotherhood and power-grabbing despot Morsi.



Egypt Needs Military Rule

The festering discontent in Egypt following the Arab Spring shows the country might not be ready for full-throttled democracy. Under the circumstances, the best option for governance might be a “benign” military rule, particularly if it prevents terrorists or totalitarian-minded groups like the Muslim Brotherhood from seizing power, says pundit Dick Morris.

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