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Your Pee is Pollution

Ever wonder what happens after you flush? You should, because your pee is causing problems! Hank Green talks about how, and why, human waste is having weird effects on the natural world, like homicidal fish and hermaphroditic frogs.

To Serve, Protect and Terrorize

Some underreported collateral damage from the police state and drug war.

Hollywood’s Closet Libertarians

“A lot of my friends are pro-marijuana legalization, [believe that] prohibition is a nightmare, and that the prison industrial complex is terrible. They won’t describe themselves as libertarian but when you lay out all their points of view for them, that’s what the platform is,” explains Los Angeles-based writer and comedian Heather Anne Campbell. “And then I found out, some of my closest and best friends are just straight-up libertarian.”

Campbell has written for Saturday Night Live, Cartoon Network’s Incredible Crew, The Mightnight Show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, performed with Drew Carey’s Improvaganza and the CW’s Who’s Line is it Anyway? Currently, she writes for a new block of animated programing called Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD) on the Fox network.

What Is Salvia?

Salvia divinorum, despite sounding like a spell from the world of Harry Potter, can’t turn you into an inanimate object, make you leave your body, or set your feet on fire. But it can make you FEEL like all of those things are happening. This little plant is a hallucinogen – one so powerful and unique that the DEA isn’t quite sure how to regulate it. Hank Green’s got the details on this psychotropic member of the sage genus in this episode of SciShow.

Mexico’s Ballsy Female Scribes

Vice went to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, to meet the journalists who cover politics and crime for the Diario de Juarez. All of them are women and they have covered more crimes than anyone we can think of. They are also some of the bravest women we’ve ever met. We followed them around the city as they covered political rallies of the ruling party, PAN, and to crime scenes, to try to understand what happened there over the past few years and why the candidates were not fully addressing the most glaring issue in Mexican politics right now.

High Times in Colorado

John Stossel and Kennedy discuss the ramifications of Colorado’s new law legalizing pot use by residents 21 years and older. The move has left the federal government uneasy and still mounting raids against growers and dispensaries.

Wake Up: It’s The Drugs

President Obama traveled to Mexico and blamed American guns for drug violence. So why won’t he blame drugs and the people who use them? Find out on this ZoNation as AlfonZo Rachel discusses drugs, immigration and the real causes of gun violence. H/T PJTV

High on the Job

Imagine you’re a pot reporter. Pot as in weed, marijuana, bud. What could possibly go wrong when you cover a drug that is legally contentious but widely tolerated? Reporter Michael Montgomery finds out the hard way.

Sex First, Then Arrest Hooker?

Even with falling crime rates and the emergence of new crime-fighting technology, the FBI reports that more than half of our nation’s violent crimes go unsolved and unpunished. Many thousands of criminals are literally getting away with murder: From 1980 to 2008, nearly 185,000 cases of homicide and non-negligent homicide went unsolved.

And yet distractions abound. From speed traps to seat belt checkpoints, officers’ actions often blur the lines between “peace keeping” and “revenue raising.” Those who helm law enforcement agencies are always looking for the next way to expand their purview. And then there are the long-standing, commonplace distractions, like busting drug users, dealers, and prostitutes. Don’t cops have better things to do?

Reason.TV reports.

Shots Send Potheads Scattering

Gunfire abruptly ended the nation’s largest 4/20 marijuana celebration on Saturday, as a crowd estimated to be upwards of 80,000 dispersed from a downtown Denver park after the shooting began around 5 pm. Two potheads sustained wounds in the dust-up, which some spectators described as being gang-related. Rapper Lil’ Flip was performing at the time of the incident. Police made no arrests but were on the lookout for one or two suspects.

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