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The Drone Over Detroit

President Obama has said he’ll save Detroit the only way he knows how. “By sending over a drone that drops food stamps,” says Jodi Miller. In this edition of NewsBusted, she also addresses the birth of a new British prince, the New York Times’ call for Anthony Weiner to withdraw and Bette Midler’s latest attempt at historical revisionism.



Next Wave: Underwater Drones

The next wave of drones is making a splash. A growing number of companies are making remotely operated underwater vehicles, or ROVS, for everything from monitoring fish farms to finding buried treasure. The Wall Street Journal’s Will Connors reports.

Irish Eyes Aren’t Smiling

President Obama was in Ireland this week for the G8 summit, but at least one Irish politician is not happy about the visit. Clare Daly, a member of the Irish Parliament, tore apart both Obama and the “unprecedented slobbering” over him and his family during their visit. She called the U.S. president a “war criminal” who can hardly claim to be promoting peace, and called out Irish leaders for pimping out Ireland for Obama, saying the Irish government is “prostituting ourselves in return for a pat on the head.”

Obama Watches Fox News

The Administration’s spying on Fox News reporter James Rosen offers proof that Obama’s minions are watching the conservative network. “They just do it with wiretaps and helicopters,” says Jodi Miller. In this week’s NewsBusted, she also touches on same-sex marriages in Minnesota, illegal aliens at the Oval Office and President Obama’s promise to cut back on drone strikes.

Obama Surrenders to Terrorists

Terrorists worldwide no doubt cheered President Obama’s speech this week, unilaterally declaring surrender by announcing he wants to close GITMO and limit drone strikes.  Pundit Dick Morris explores the ramifications involved in waving the white flag, predicting an upswing in new terror attacks.


Obama’s Passover Plans

The Jewish holiday of Passover is now underway and the Obama White House has planned some Passover events. “Mainly, where they pass over any plans to support Israel,” says Jodi Miller. She also discusses the tightened Air Force security over its drone strike program and rising tensions with North Korea in this edition of NewsBusted.

Rand Paul, American Hero

Hugo Chavez just died, and many of us said “good riddance” to a tyrant who defrauded his own people, intimidated his political opposition and left his economy and country in disarray. Senator Rand Paul seemed to be reminding us: “Why would we want a tyrant in America, too?”  Wayne Allyn Root from Personal Liberty Digest weighs in.

Those Droning Democrats

Sorry, Barry, but the Capitol is a “no-fly” zone. Hugo drops dead. And: Locusts/Gadflies, 2016! All this — plus — assault pastries in this edition of The Great Eight with Ben Crystal.

American Comrade

In this edition of Intellectual Froglegs, space ninja Joe Dan Gorman says the Obama administration is ruling through intimidation — not only attempting to silence its critics, but also to cowl the media and to enforce blind and rigid allegiance even among fellow Democrats. Gorman lauds Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul for his Senate filibuster and courageous stand against government tyranny.


For almost 13 hours on Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) led a filibuster on the Senate floor that called attention to the Obama administration’s refusal to share its case for why the president can target and kill U.S. citizens without oversight. Joined by about a dozen different colleagues throughout the event, Paul hammered home questions surrounding positions advanced by President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Obama’s nominee to head the CIA, John Brennan. The entire filibuster is viewable at C-SPAN’s website. H/T Reason TV

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