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Voter Fraud Surfaces in N.C.

A North Carolina study has uncovered strong evidence of voter fraud in its state. Referencing the study, political pundit Dick Morris says it was discovered that 35,000 North Carolinians voted in North Carolina and some other state as well. In addition, Morris says, the study found that 100 dead residents voted.

Healthcare Premiums Will Soar

Dick Morris says batten down the hatches and your wallets, and prepare for an enormous increase in healthcare premiums in 2014. Morris adds the average increase will be in the 40-60 percent range and, in some cases, will double and triple. “The reason for the increase in premiums is first of all, fewer young people have signed up for Obamacare and therefore the risk pools are much more costly than the insurers thought when they originally made their estimate,” Morris says. “Secondly, the federal government has cut the subsidy to insurance companies. Also, the insurance companies low-balled the premium estimate when Obamacare started because they wanted to sign people up.” In this episode of Dick Morris Reports, Morris explains the ramifications of the fiasco going forward.

Bankers Get Free Pass

When Barack Obama took office in 2009, he promised to vigorously prosecute those who sold sub-prime mortgages to people who they knew couldn’t afford them, then passing them off to bankers as rock-solid investments. History tells us the double-whammy led to the country’s financial collapse of 2007-2008. Dick Morris tells us the majority of these mortgage-fraud bankers got off scott free, while many Americans are still suffering the after-effects of the crisis.

IRS Smoking Gun Apparent

Dick Morris says Congressional investigators will be hardpressed to find that illusive e-mail from President Obama instructing the IRS to target conservative groups. But the smoking gun is all around us, Morris says. It all began, Morris says, when Obama excoriated the Supreme Court publicly on its Citizens United decision to empower conservative groups to continue pouring money in and out of the election process, sending a clear-cut message to the Democrat Party. Listen in as Morris explains.

Obama a Cream Puff

President Obama’s reaction to the Ukraine Crisis was a forgone conclusion. After all, wasn’t it Obama that drew the red line when turmoil erupted in Syria, only to stand back and watch as Assad and his thugs crossed it time after time. Wasn’t it Obama who declared that negotiating with our enemies is not an option, then invited the Iranian mullahs to the table for some serious detente. And so it’s our president who continues to weigh options on the sidelines while Comrade Putin bulldozes his way through the Crimean Peninsula, while setting his sights on Eastern Ukraine. Says political pundit Dick Morris, “I think that Putin has sized up Obama as a cream puff. And as somebody who’s as impotent and as unable to act as Europe is.”

Stimulus a Miserable Failure

More than $800 billion and five years later, our country has gone from an employment economy to an entitlement economy. That is the legacy of President Obama’s federal economic stimulus, which he jammed down our throats in 2009. Says political pundit Dick Morris, “It was $800 billion of essentially useless spending that accomplished almost nothing, and really wasn’t expected to accomplish anything. The goal was to spend money as fast as they possibly could, and the only lasting effect was a large number of Americans became addicted to entitlements.”

Kerry Bullies Israelies

Dick Morris reports that Secretary of State John Kerry is attempting to shove the new West Bank piece deal down Israel’s throat. “He recently said that if Israel didn’t accept the peace deal, it would delegitimize the country.” Tune in as Morris explains.

Obama’s Lies Unmasked

President Obama was up to his old tricks during his State of the Union speech, fudging numbers and taking political, poetic  license on a few facts. His big white lies were many and impressive, according to political pundit Dick Morris. In this edition of Dick Morris Reports, Morris corrects the distortions.

Hillary, Christie Unappealing

In this edition of Dick Morris Reports, political pundit Dick Morris takes a look at the political styles of potential presidential candidates and probable nominees Hillary Clinton and Governor Chris Christie. With Hillary’s hit lists that recently came to light and Christie’s bullying tactics, both candidates don’t appear very appealing to Morris.

Global Warming Fiasco

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to push its agenda on the sham that is global warming with costly regulation after regulation that is driving utility bills through the roof. It’s latest target: eliminate wood stoves. But political pundit Dick Morris ask the consummate question: What’s going on now? With 90 percent of the country enduring freezing temps the last few days, it seems the globe is cooling, not warming. Morris says that four decades ago, climate scientists predicted a gradual, longterm increase in global temperatures, adding the trend would be increasingly sharper because of manmade greenhouse gasses. “History has now proven them wrong,” he says. “There has now been a 17-year period in which not only was there no exponential increase, there was no real increase in global warming.” Tune in as Morris elaborates in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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