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Smoking Gun At Benghazi

Political strategist Dick Morris reveals on Newsmax Prime that Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the Benghazi Committee on Capitol Hill has produced a smoking gun. “The really important stuff was asked by the Congressman from Ohio (U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan), a Republican,” Morris says. “And he pointed to three pieces of evidence that showed clearly, indubitably, indisputably that Hillary Clinton knew that this was a pre-meditated, preplanned terrorist attack and specifically not a spontaneous reaction to a video that had gone awry, as both she and Obama were claiming in public.” Tune in as Morris elaborates on the ramifications of Clinton’s testimony.

Bibi Beats Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu’s surprisngly smashing victory in last week’s Israeli elections had major implications across the globe. Not only did he overpower Israel’s left-wing Labor Party, but he tossed a monkey wrench into the Obama Administration’s plans for the Middle East. Dick Morris analyzes the election results and what turns out to be a punishing defeat for President Obama.

Anti-Amnesty Ruling a Big Deal

The court’s decision to throw a monkey wrench into President Obama’s executive order on immigration amnesty is a bigger deal than what many think, according to political pundit Dick Morris. He says it’s an obvious move by the judicial branch to curtail Obama’s power grab and reign him in. Listen in as Morris explains.

Obama’s One-Party Nation

As if he already didn’t have enough on his political plate, President Obama now has set his devious sight on our Electoral College. “Obama is trying to destroy the Electoral College,” says Dick Morris. “He’s trying to do an end-run around and have popular-vote control.” Morris elaborates and discusses his new book Power Grab in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Democrats Face Sixth-Year Hex

History will tell you that the sixth-year Congressional elections for an incumbent political party spell disaster. The Obama Administation faces that calamity in November, when the likelihood of Democrats losing the United States Senate is a strong reality. Morris takes us on a stroll through history, dating back to the Woodrow Wilson Administration to prove his point in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Democrats Turning On Obama

President Obama’s failure to engage in a plethora of crises confronting his administration has worked the Republicans into a frenzy. But shockingly, the president is beginning to feel the heat from his own party. His actions–or inaction–in recent months have turned off Latinos and Peaceniks, two key elements of his coalition. Political pundit Dick Morris says Obama’s immigration promises and action in the Middle East has his own party members breathing fire. Tune in as Morris explains the quadary Obama has created.

Dictator Barack Obama

For the last 19 years, meteorological evidence shows there has been no warming of the Earth’s surface temperature. Furthermore, in the last 26 to 16 years, there has been no warming in the lower atmosphere. Yet our illustrious leader, President Barack Hussein Obama, has empowered Secretary of State John Kerry to negotiate a climate change treaty with world leaders that will bypass approval of Congress. If the the treaty is successful, political pundit Dick Morris says, this will make Obama a virtual dictator. “Once this treaty is signed, even if it’s not ratified, even if it’s not proposed for ratification, it becomes part of international law,” Morris says. Join Morris as he explains the ramifications of this wild proposal.

It’s a Russian Invasion

Dick Morris is terse. “There can be no more pretense. These are not separatists fighting in the Ukraine–indigenous, pro-Russian rebels disturbed at the westward drift of their country,” Morris says. “They’re Russian troops, sent in by Vladimir Putin, paid for by the Russian taxpayer, invading Ukraine, just as surely as Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The out-and-out pretense that this is some kind of civil war is over. This is a Russian invasion” Tune in as Morris talks about the U.S. options to the invasion.

Israel’s Strange Bedfellows

In the surprise of surprises, Israel has gained a pair of strange bedfellows in the turmoil of the Middle East. Dick Morris reports that former Israeli adversaries Saudi Arabia and Egypt have now allied with Israel. Even Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah spoke out against the aggression by Hamas saying, “Hamas’ war against Israel has distorted the image of Islam, with its purity and humanity, with all sorts of bad qualities.” Lend an ear as Morris explains.

Elizabeth or Hillary?

Rumors continue to circulate that President Obama and his minions are actively throwing their support behind U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for fear that a Hillary Clinton presidency would undermine the far left wing of the party and undo the Commander in Chief’s agenda. “They are actively pursuing Elizabeth Warren to run (in 2016),” says political pundit Dick Morris. “They are promising to raise a lot of money for her give her a lot of organizational support.” Morris talks about the left’s new strategy in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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