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Israel’s Strange Bedfellows

In the surprise of surprises, Israel has gained a pair of strange bedfellows in the turmoil of the Middle East. Dick Morris reports that former Israeli adversaries Saudi Arabia and Egypt have now allied with Israel. Even Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah spoke out against the aggression by Hamas saying, “Hamas’ war against Israel has distorted the image of Islam, with its purity and humanity, with all sorts of bad qualities.” Lend an ear as Morris explains.

Elizabeth or Hillary?

Rumors continue to circulate that President Obama and his minions are actively throwing their support behind U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for fear that a Hillary Clinton presidency would undermine the far left wing of the party and undo the Commander in Chief’s agenda. “They are actively pursuing Elizabeth Warren to run (in 2016),” says political pundit Dick Morris. “They are promising to raise a lot of money for her give her a lot of organizational support.” Morris talks about the left’s new strategy in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

Border Disaster Looms

More than 50,000 child immigrants have trekked across Central America and into the U.S. since January, and it’s projected that number will top six figures by the end of the year. What will happen to these children? Will we seal the border? Will the enormous flood of humanity affect the looming elections? Dick Morris answers all these questions and more in this episode of Dick Morris Reports.

Hillary Unplugged

Hillary Clinton’s book tour for her latest release, Hard Choices, is increasingly transforming into a nightmare rather than an advantage. In this edition of Dick Morris Reports, Morris discusses whether Clinton is just mistake-prone, or “Is this the real Hillary?”

Utility Bills Will Soar

Should President Obama’s EPA rule proposal to limit carbon dioxide emissions becomes reality, prepare yourself for soaring utility bills. The move will also kill thousands of jobs in the coal industry, which provides 40 percent of our electricity and will be hit hardest  by the proposal. Says Dick Morris, “They’re not regulating coal because it will make you sick, they’re regulating coal because of the effect of climate change.” Morris goes on to explain the fallacy behind the Administation’s reasoning.

The Worst Tax Ever

As the colossal albatross that is Obamacare evolves, businesses who employ 100 or more people are potentially being saddled with the worst tax of all. Dick Morris points out that it is illegal for employers to help their employees with medical expenses unless they help everyone else in the company. If a an employer chooses not to insure any of his employees, he is levied a flat fine of $3,000 per head. “On the other hand,” Morris says, “if you say I’m not giving you any health insurance, but then you say I’m going to give everybody, or a few people or very sick people, or anybody, like $5,000 or $10,000 to help with their medical expenses or to defray the cost of their premiums, that is illegal.” Dick explains the enormous fines that follow.

VA Scandal Worst Of All

The Veterans Administration Scandal is a bipartisan one and, perhaps, the most damaging smear of all to the Obama Administration, says Dick Morris. “Democrats and Republicans are climbing on board to condemn the outrageous abuses of the Veterans Administration.” In this episode of Dick Morris Reports, Morris analyzes the new evidence.

The Republican Path in 2016

History tells us that Republican presidential candidates usually suffer defeat at the polls before gaining the nomination of their party. Says Dick Morris, “Six of the last eight Republican presidential candidates ran for president and were defeated before they ultimately got the nomination to run. This shows that the Republican Party is at heart a  legitimist and almost monarchical institution. Legitimacy and order of succession is very important to them.” See what this means for 2016 as Morris explains.


Benghazi Scandal Gets Sticky

Dick Morris says that lying about what happened at Benghazi on national TV eight weeks before the 2012 presidential election and sticking to the story for another two weeks  isn’t an impeachable offense for the Obama Administration because it’s not a violation of law. “Hillary and Obama were not under oath at the time,” he says. “But failing to comply with a Congressional subpoena and misleading Congress by saying these are all the documents, when they did comply, and leaving out the central document is a crime.” Listen in as Morris explains.

Voter Fraud Surfaces in N.C.

A North Carolina study has uncovered strong evidence of voter fraud in its state. Referencing the study, political pundit Dick Morris says it was discovered that 35,000 North Carolinians voted in North Carolina and some other state as well. In addition, Morris says, the study found that 100 dead residents voted.

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