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The Drone Over Detroit

President Obama has said he’ll save Detroit the only way he knows how. “By sending over a drone that drops food stamps,” says Jodi Miller. In this edition of NewsBusted, she also addresses the birth of a new British prince, the New York Times’ call for Anthony Weiner to withdraw and Bette Midler’s latest attempt at historical revisionism.



Detroit: A Liberal Success Story

Joe Dan Gorman says the George Zimmerman trial has as much to do with race as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are real reverends. Joe Dan addresses how liberals have politicized the trial as well as Detroit’s looming bankruptcy in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.


Pure Detroit

Steven Crowder’s ode to the bankrupt metropolis that’s eating itself alive. This parody owes a debt to “Pure Michigan.”

Bringing Home the Bacon

What lessons could OJ teach gun control advocate Bob Costas? And who is this Ms. Watson calling for more pork to be delivered to the Motor City? All this, plus, Leftists dominate the spoken-word Grammys, spurring some snark from Ben Crystal in The Great Eight from Personal Liberty Digest.


Urban Ghost Towns

What happens to cities when they become overly dependent on one industry to survive, and that industry falls victim to increasing foreign competition and unsustainable union demands? Here are portraits of two Midwest cities — Detroit, Michigan, and Gary, Indiana — that once were teeming metropolises but now are struggling to fend off urban blight and decay. Detroit is seen through the prism of Burn, a new documentary that showcases firefighters dealing with an explosion of arson in the Motor City. The report on Gary is from RT, a Russian TV network with worldwide bureaus, including some here in the United States. ┬áH/T Moonbattery and Riehl World View

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