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Judging the United States

We have learned from history time and time again that liberals and conservatives view America very differently. The left views the United States as a flawed country and concentrates its efforts on battling society’s moral failings–taking on sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. They want to fundamentally transform America. The right believes that society is gradually changed one person at a time, and they are strongly opposed to fundamentally transforming America. Host Dennis Prager digs deeply into the issue in this edition of Prager University.

An Equation For Happiness

Our Declaration of independence states that all human beings were given the unalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness by our Creator. So why is it that not many of us are happy? Says Dennis Prager, author of Happiness is a Serious Problem, “The single biggest obstacles to being happy, is that people naturally compare themselves to other people and assume nearly all of them are happier than they are.” Prager says he has formulated an equation that can predict your exact degree of happiness: U = I – R, which translates into Unhappiness equals Image minus Reality. He explains and offers solutions to a happier life in this edition of Prager University.

Deja Vu All Over Again

Conservative radio talk show host, author and columnist Dennis Prager is strikingly candid when opining about the Iran nuclear deal: “We are reliving 1938, the year Democratic Western nations assured a police state–the Nazi Regime–that they would do nothing to prevent its expansion.” Fast forward to 2015 and a different cast of characters, and we face the same woes. In this episode, President Barack Obama, the new Neville Chamberlain, and Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, Adolph Hitler reborn, are on center stage. It’s deja vu all over again, folks. Like Nazi Germany, Iran is a police state, wants to externine Israel and it seeks to dominate its region. Prager says the Iranian Regime is already the greatest funder of terrorist organizations and is morally corrupt. Period. Prager explains further in this edition of Prager University.

Customer’s Not Always Right

We’ve often heard the motto, “The customer’s always right.” But nationally syndicated, conservative talk show host Dennis Prager says that is wrong. He explains the customer has obligations, too, and should never take up the time of a salesperson if he or she knows beforehand that they are going to purchase an item somewhere else. Tune in to this edition of Prager University and listen to Prager’s logic.

Rules For a Moral World

Humanity has everything it needs to create a good world. And we’ve had it for 3,000 years in the form of 10 basic instructions called The Ten Commandments. Dennis Prager explains how the Commandments created Western civilization and remain relevant in today’s world in this edition of Prager University.

Fix Your Unhappiness

Wishful thinking in our lives is usually a recipe for unhappiness. At least that’s the prognosis of radio talk show host, syndicated columnist and author Dennis Prager. It’s an affliction Prager calls “The Missing Tile Syndrome,” whereby we focus on the missing tiles in our lives instead of enjoying what we have. In this edition of Prager University, Prager shows us how to cure this malady.

Good Values vs. Feelings

Radio talk show host and author Dennis Prager analyzes the age-old question: What is the most important thing in life? Most of our answers fall into three categories–love, money and happiness. Prager contends all three of these things are crucial components in one’s lifetime, but not at the top of the heap. Prager suggests the most important thing in your life are good values. “Values are what you consider to be more important than anything else,” Prager says. “And above all, values are what you consider to be more important than your feelings.” He elaborates in this edition of Prager University.

Evil: Rational Or Irrational?

Nationally syndicated talk show host, author and columnist Dennis Prager poses the ever-perplexing question, “Is evil rational?” Or, he says, “Can we depend on reason alone to make the world a better place. Since the 18th century and dawning of the so-called Age of Reason, most of the best educated people in the world have been absolutely certain  that  reason alone will lead us to goodness and a good world. We don’t need a God, we don’t need religion, all we need is reason.” But Prager contends that the assumption that reason equals good is wishful thinking. He says the justification that reason might argue for being good, can also argue for doing evil. Check out this episode of Prager University as he further expands his thoughts.

Explaining Middle East Conflict

Political commentator Dennis Prager opines that the Middle East Conflict, which now has spanned many decades, is the hardest dilemma to solve. “But,” says Prager, “it’s the easiest to explain,” contrary to the general feeling among  political pundits. “In a nutshell, it’s this: One side wants the other side dead,” he says. “Israel wants to exist as a Jewish state and to live in peace. Israel also recognizes the right of Palestinians to have their own state and to live in peace. The problem, however, is that most Palestinians and many other Muslims and Arabs do not recognize the right of the Jewish state of Israel to exist. In this edition of Prager University, Prager elaborates.

Big Government Not the Answer

Since the beginning of time, it’s a proven fact that the bigger government grows, human freedom and happiness shrinks. In this edition of Prager University, best-selling author Dennis Prager puts it succinctly: “The more government, the more rules. The more rules, the less liberty.” Prager explains that this is not what our founding fathers had in mind.

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