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Bill Clinton Dems Diss Hillary

“According to a new poll, 64 percent of Democrats say they are not excited by Hillary Clinton,” reports Jodi Miller. “These voters are known as Bill Clinton Democrats.” Miller also features Mark Zuckerberg, Great Wall of China, Donald Trump, Mexico, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Kardashians in this edition of NewsBusted.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

The cold snap across the country has sprouted some unusual activity in recent days. “Record snowfall and low temperatures are happening over most of America,” says Jodi Miller. “In fact, it’s been so cold illegal immigrants have been sneaking back into Mexico. Not only that, it got so cold in D.C., Democrats had their hands in their own pockets.” In this week’s edition of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on the shipwrecked global warming scientists, Benghazi, The New York Times, Rob Ford, ESPN and Tim Tebow.

A Tip on Race Relations

Is color-blindness in racial outlook a good thing? Zo says it is not. After all, why would God have created all sorts of beautiful shades of skin and ethnicities, if He did not want us to enjoy the variety? Zo explains that the goal should not be to be blind to diversity, but rather to not care what race people are when deciding who to be friends with or who to hire.

The Bigoted Bully-crats

AlfonZo Rachel explains why the Democrats are the party of bullies, and reminds viewers of the long history of racism by the Democrats. Hear more as Zo tells you the story of the Democratic Party’s long association with the KKK, on this ZoNation.


The Liberal Whisperer

Joe Dan Gorman, synchronized hot tubbing champion, surveys the current political scene and finds both parties wanting. He believes the Democrats have turned into goosestepping European Socialists, while the Republicans are going along to get along. Hear his latest salvos in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

It’s Good to Be the King

Run by Democrats since the 1930s, Chicago is now the most violent and the most corrupt city in the United States. How can liberals point to Chicago as a model for what they’d like to see elsewhere in the country? They can’t, so they continue piling on the lies, stealing votes and perverting our democracy, while hoping no one’s paying enough attention to notice. But Joe Dan Gorman has got their number, and calls them on the carpet in this edition of Intellectual Frog Legs.

Liberals Fixate on Lincoln

The Democratic Party opposed President Lincoln and just about every other civil rights advance in the United States. So why are Democrats and Hollywood liberals now trying to claim Abraham Lincoln as their president? Hear what Alfonzo Rachel thinks.

D Is for Hypocrite

Dianne, David, Dwight — the Democrats get more doofy by the day. Of course, they’re also turning more redundant. Take Obama, who talks about his favorite subject: himself. And where, oh where, has Hillary gone? All this, plus, welcome to the NFL, as Ben Crystal presents a new installment of The Great Eight from the Personal Liberty Digest.

Those Ugly, Racist Democrats

Alfonzo Rachel does not like talking about racism all the time, so why does he? Find out as he discusses the racist policies of the Democratic Party, in addition to the racist comments about NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III. H/T PJTV

Democrats Love Violence

Democrats love to portray themselves as the party of peace, but are the first to use violence to advance their political agenda. See the footage that proves it as Zo talks about the union thugs who beat up Fox News contributor Steven Crowder over Michigan’s right-to-work legislation in this ZoNation. H/T PJTV

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