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Egypt Needs Military Rule

The festering discontent in Egypt following the Arab Spring shows the country might not be ready for full-throttled democracy. Under the circumstances, the best option for governance might be a “benign” military rule, particularly if it prevents terrorists or totalitarian-minded groups like the Muslim Brotherhood from seizing power, says pundit Dick Morris.

Inventing the Presidency

When the Founding Fathers gathered to create the framework for the American government, they decided to establish three branches of government, with a president central to the executive branch. Kenneth C. Davis explains why this decision was not necessarily inevitable and what variables were up for debate. H/T TEDEducation

The Politics of Honeybees

While honeybees are beholden to a queen, all she does is lay eggs. Decision-making falls upon the honeybees themselves, making the hive one of the most sophisticated democracies to be found in Nature. In this episode of the SciShow, Hank Green fills us in on the honeybees’ democratic ways and makes a request for more interpretive dance in our own political systems.

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