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The Debacle of 38 Studios

The 2012 bankruptcy of Rhode Island-based video-game developer 38 Studios isn’t just a sad tale of a start-up tech company falling victim to the vagaries of a rough economy. It is a completely predictable story of crony capitalism, featuring star-struck legislators and the hubris of a larger-than-life athlete completely unprepared to compete in business.

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, an iconic figure in New England after anchoring a historic playoff comeback which ended a legendary 86-year title drought, founded 38 Studios near the end of his baseball career in the hopes of becoming a big shot in the intensely competitive multi-player gaming world.

Miracle on Wall Street

Our government shouldn’t make us “donate” billions in corporate welfare to businesses each year. To learn more, visit

Cronyism Isn’t Capitalism

Why are the taxpayers always on the hook when the federal government engages in crony capitalism, and tries to manipulate the free market and pick out winners and losers from among private businesses. Andrew Klavan explains the pitfalls.

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