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Crime Fighters Gone Wild

Never mind the girls going wild. What would happen if a bunch of costumed crime fighters engaged in a no-holds-barred street rumble? It might look a little like this madcap mosh pit. H/T My Disguises


I Am Iron Man

Jackson, a 16-year-old from Montana, doesn’t just dig Iron Man. Jackson developed such a passion for the superhero that he decided to become Iron Man, and spent more than 400 hours designing and fabricating his own original Iron Man suit. Crazyrad profiles this extremely rad talent, who has become quite the celebrity with kids when he makes appearances at local events.


Costume Party Fail!

Who hasn’t had a toga slip off at a costume party? And how do you drink beer from a keg while wearing a zombie mask? These are common problems, but what if you just don’t grasp the theme of the party, right from the get-go. H/T My Disguises


The Invisible Driver Prank

Rahat the Magician, ever the prankster, created the perfect disguise — a costume that makes him look like a car seat. To test it out, he unveiled his “invisible driver” stunt at a few fast-food restaurants, and recorded the stunned reactions of the employees staffing the drive-thru windows. H/T My Disguises

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