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Illegal Numbers

A movement is underfoot to declare certain numbers illegal. Software, gaming and motion picture companies want whole series of numbers banned for public use on grounds that these numbers hold the key for encryption of intellectual property. Numberphile explores the short-term conflicts this is engendering as well as the long-range implications.

Our Corporate Copyrights

Copyright is a good idea, but the way it is currently used is not. The laws, originally designed to protect artists and authors, now give corporations carte blanche to control intellectual properties for more than a century.

Who Owns Your Phone?

“Who owns your phone at the end of the day?” asks Derek Khanna, a visiting fellow at Yale Law and former staff member at the Republican Study Committee.┬áLast fall, Khanna earned notoriety – and a pink slip – for a public memo urging GOP members of Congress to rethink their stance on copyright law.

More recently, in a column for The Atlantic, Khanna blasted a new ruling that criminalizes the unlocking of cellphones under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). Unlocking the phone simply means that a person could use a phone designed for one carrier on another carrier, assuming they had switched his plan. In addition to civil penalties, breaking this law could land you in prison for up to five years and force you to pay a fine of up to $500,000.

“In 1998 a poorly written statute, the DMCA, was passed and it prohibited a wide swath of commonly used technology in the name of defending copyright,” Khanna explains. “If this is allowed to stand, then the answer is you don’t own your phone.” H/T Reason TV

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