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Separation of Church and State

“The Separation of Church and State.” Probably no phrase has had more impact on American history in the last fifty years than this one. Where did it come from? Who coined it? And, what does it mean? Distinguished law professor, John Eastman, has some surprising answers. H/T Prager University

How Can We Preserve Freedom

Magician/atheist Penn Jillette and conservative talk show host Glenn Beck might make for strange bedfellows, but the two are longtime friends and actually agree on many issues. Central to their beliefs: We need more freedom in this country, not less. We need a more limited government grounded on the Constitution, not a government that’s forever growing, amassing power and moving us toward becoming a more totalitarian society.

Liberal Fascism on the Rise

A so-called constitutional scholar asked New York Times readers to “Give Up on the Constitution.” Professor Louis Michael Seidman of Georgetown thinks that the nation is too obsessed with the Constitution, and that we should simply extricate ourselves from this document. The Trifecta weighs in on Seidman’s loony-tune brand of liberal fascism. H/T PJTV

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