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Three Condoms, or No Go

The wife of a sex-starved man in New Taipei City, Taiwan had a baby last year, and lost interest in having sex. Reluctant to engage in intercourse or have another child, she told her husband to wear three condoms — an edict leading to a lawsuit between them over their sexual complaints.


Porn Threatens Pullout

The porn industry failed this week in its bid to stop Measure B — the Los Angeles County Condom Initiative. Voters, by a margin of 55 to 45 percent, passed the initiative requiring XXX performers to wear condoms for their sex scenes. The measure also will set up a squad of health inspectors to periodically drop by the movie sets — unannounced — to enforce the requirement.

What next? Porn vows it won’t take the setback lying down. Some industry leaders are considering whether to vacate Los Angeles County and the San Fernando Valley that has long been the industry’s home. Where might they go? Neighboring Riverside and Ventura counties have been mentioned as possibilities. Another option: New Hampshire, where XXX filming is permitted. Guess that would put a new twist on the state’s motto: Live Free or Die.

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