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The Naked Communist

Joe Dan Gorman is hopping into the fray again, exposing stealth Communism, in the Fourth of July edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Back in the USSA

With the re-election of Obama, Pravda has declared that Communism has won America. Joe Dan Gorman, underwater acrobat and unlicensed volunteer doctor, dons disguise as he riffs on that assessment, while also touching on America’s illiterate electorate in this edition of Intellectual Froglegs.

Europe Must Evolve

In his first interview since leaving office, former Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus calls for “a paradigm change” in European politics. He also reflects on “the lost years” when the Czech Republic fell under Communist control. H/T Heritage Foundation

Mao’s Hatred for Dogs

What was it like to live in the waning days of Mao’s China? Ying Ma, author of the memoir Chinese Girl in the Ghetto, which chronicles her girlhood in China’s final days of hardline Communism, says that “for a long time, people were not allowed to have dogs in the city, because that was … a capitalist indulgence.”

Ma’s family lived through the crumbling of Maoism and the rise of economic liberalism, and talked with Reason TV about the dramatic changes that Chinese citizens saw in their everyday lives.

“For the first time, people got to choose where to work. For the first time, they got to choose where to live. For the first time, they actually got to choose what to buy on the market,” says Ma.

Ayn Rand on The Tonight Show

One pictures Ayn Rand promoting her principles of Objectivism at intellectual salons. But one of her most stimulating conversations occurred in a truly popular forum — The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. VHS tapes capturing excerpts of the 1967 appearance resurfaced this week and while the quality is hit-or-miss, the occasion was certainly momentous.

Carson was duly impressed. So much so that he canceled a scheduled appearance by Buster Crabbe that evening, and devoted his entire show to the Russian-born thinker with the thick accent and deep philosophy. TV viewers responded in kind. Rand generated more mail than any other Tonight Show guest, nearly all of it positive, although she touched upon several controversial positions — opposing the Vietnam War and a conscripted army, for instance, and discussing her atheism. H/T The Lonely Conservative

How Dallas Won the Cold War

Reason.TV’s Nick Gillespie remembers the heyday of Dallas, the uber-popular TV show that once boasted ratings higher than late 1970s’ interest rates. While it was a huge cultural phenomenon in the United States, the show’s greatest impact might have occurred in Romania, where it helped to topple the brutal┬áCeausescu regime. Says Larry Hagman, who played the villainous J.R., “”I think we were directly or indirectly responsible for the fall of the [communism]. They would see the wealthy Ewings and say, ‘Hey, we don’t have all this stuff.'”

Tear Down This Wall

Twenty-five years ago, on June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan delivered his famed speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, challenging the Soviets to “tear down this wall” and allow greater freedoms to sweep across eastern Europe. It’s an address well worth revisiting today.

Swallows of Capistrano

Speaking before the Capistrano Valley Women’s Republican Federated luncheon on April 20, 2011, Dr. John Drew recalls his 1980 meeting with Barack Obama at Occidental College, in which the future US President foretold a coming violent, Marxist revolution that would forever transform the United States. ┬áThe moral of the talk: What’s said in Las Vegas might stay in Las Vegas, but in La-La Land, the swallows, like the sparrows, occasionally do some chirping.

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