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Come to the USA

Comedian/songwriter Ray Stevens weighs in on the immigration debate with a thought-provoking melody. Stevens sings, “Don’t go hiking and enter Iran, or you may never be heard from again, sneak into China and they’ll call you a spy, and in Mexico, you might face a firing squad. And forget all about going to North Korea, that’s a great example of a bad idea, so when it comes down to it, there’s only one option you got.” The good ol’ USA, of course. Tune in to hear the rest of the song, and come back here next Tuesday on LOL for some more of  the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

Pigskin Parody

In a blast from the past, comedian Bob Nelson performs his memorable football routine that has stood the test of time. In this version of his act, Nelson, who opened for megastar Rodney Dangerfield for eight years, introduces us to the “college football all-stars.” Join us back here on LOL next Tuesday for another stroll through the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

Camel Toe Harmony

Although more PG-13 than X-rated, this premature version of the Camel Toe Song will have you guffawing till your stomach aches. Tip to the viewer: Be sure to carefully listen to the words. Come right back to LOL next Tuesday for for more laughter from the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

Excerpts from My Novel

Pleated Jeans’ Jeff Wysaski shares a few excerpts from the novel he’s not actually writing.

Breaking Bad

Rhett and Link offer a Middle School Musical recap of BREAKING BAD Seasons 1-5 with a prediction on how the series will end. What do YOU think will happen in the final season?

You Might Be a Redneck If …

Jeff Foxworthy, head honcho on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, returns to LOL with his wildly popular “You Might Be a Redneck If …” standup routine. Among Foxworthy’s exclamations in this version are: “If your richest relative buys a new house, and you have to help take the wheels off of it, you might be a redneck.” Or, “If you’ve ever taken a beer to a job interview, you might be a redneck.” Check out his other gems. See you next Tuesday here on LOL for another edition of the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

How to Take a Photo

Key & Peele join Rhett & Link in a photo session devoted to the quest: How to take the perfect duo portrait.

Mario’s Word of the Week

Glove and Boots presents a vintage video as Mario toys with a new word: en masse.

Shave Like Your Grandpa

Enjoy this introduction to safety razor shaving in this video version of a popular Art of Manliness article.



The Rename Game

Did you know that renaming things is a quick and easy way to vastly improve your life? H/T Pleated Jeans


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