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Clint Talking to Barstool

This just in…Mitt Romney’s supporters are now depressed following his election defeat last week. “In fact, Clint Eastwood has now spent a lot of time talking to an empty barstool,” says Jodi Miller. She also discusses Gen. David Petraeus’ affair, California’s tax hikes and Boeing’s layoffs in this edition of NewsBusted.

Blame It On the Weather

This just in…”Democrats claimed they moved President Obama’s speech inside because of the weather,” says Jodi Miller. “It’s true. There was a 100 percent chance of empty seats.” Hear more on the Democratic Convention, the national debt and Clint Eastwood in the latest edition of NewsBusted.

The Conservative Crusader

“It’s report card time and the libnuts are trying to hide Obama’s,” says Joe Dan Gorman. “The dog ate it. You go watch out, Fido. Obama might seek revenge.”

Gorman, in his latest edition of Intellectual Frog Legs, also denies the rumor that he’s The Conservative Crusader, but pays homage to someone who might be — Clint Eastwood.


Republican Convention Roundup

Dick Morris predicts a 3-4 percent bounce in the polls for Mitt Romney based on Ann Romney’s speech Tuesday night.

Utah Congressional hopeful Mia Love fires up the Republican delegates in Tampa. If elected from Utah’s 4th District, Love will be the first Republican woman to serve in the US House of Representatives. She’s pitted in an uphill race against six-term Democratic incumbent Jim Matheson.

Rumors are swirling that Clint Eastwood will be the GOP’s “mystery speaker” on Thursday night. Go ahead, make my day.

Code Pink Vaginas protest the RNC. Sure signs that the protest was anemic: Presence of dude “ringers” and most of the participants, regardless of sex, look like they should be packing Poligrip instead of lube.

Romney’s Star Power

Who cares if President Obama has lined up a bunch of celebrity endorsements? A lot of these folks belong to the mindless, chattering class. Some can act, some can sing, but many of them can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney’s celebrity backers have proven themselves to be much more multitalented.

They not only can act, but also sing.

Wield a gavel.

And dance the hoochie coo.

We’re with you Robert Duvall, Clint Eastwood and Jenna Jameson. In this year’s election, go for quality over quantity.

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