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Battles of the Civil War

In this episode of Crash Course, John Green lists a whole lot of the battles of the US Civil War in seven and a half minutes. We get a lot of requests for military history, so we offer a list of battle names, with some commentary about outcomes, and lots of really interesting pictures

The Election of 1860

In the leadup to the election of 1860, tensions between the North and South were rising, ultimately due to the single issue of slavery. The North wanted to abolish slavery, and the South wanted to continue on with it. It seemed like a war was inevitable, and it turns out that it was. But first the nation had to get through this election. John Green explains.

Ballad of Thaddeus Lowe

Here’s a short animation recounting the true-life adventures of Thaddeus Lowe, a 19th century aeronaut and inventor who   gained fame during the Civil War by volunteering to join the Union Army and spy on Confederate troops from a balloon. After the war, Lowe became a millionaire through inventing an ice-making machine and securing several other patents. Kelly Jones wrote, directed, animated and narrated this piece, as well as penning the catchy theme song. H/T Kuriositas

Lincoln’s Civil War Quandary

Pundit Dick Morris journeys back in time to examine the political strategy used by President Lincoln to keep the Union intact during the Civil War. Everything hinged on whether Lincoln could persuade the Border States, notably Delaware, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and Missouri, from joining the secessionist South.

The Pilgrims and the Civil War

Happy Thanksgiving! On this holiday where we remember the Pilgrims, it’s timely to explore their broader impact on American history. Dick Morris does just that, examining how the American Civil War represented a clash of values pitting the Pilgrims against class rivals who had come to this continent even earlier. In some respects, Morris says, the Civil War was the culmination of previous clashes fought in England centuries ago.

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