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Ugliest Woman Laid to Rest

Mexican circus freak Julia Pastrana was once billed as the world’s ugliest woman. Even after her death, her corpse was put on public display, owing to her hideous appearance — the result of a rare genetic disease she suffered. Now, Pastrana will finally be laid to rest as her body has been returned to her native state of Sinaloa for burial.

They Lead a Life of Danger

Hot, leather-clad Anya Sarenin and Alfredo Silva from the Moscow Circus put on a display of precision knife-throwing while visiting Nova FM in Sydney, Australia.

Also, the two circus performers talk about their near misses and their budding romance. Silva, a sixth-generation circus performer from Brazil, met the Russian-born Sarenin in Germany. The two not only formed an act together, but now they’re engaged.

The Last Real Circus Family

Meet the Rosaires, a 10th-generation circus family, still running their own traveling circus along with a sanctuary for exotic animals outside Sarasota, Florida. PETA might attack circuses for animal cruelty, but the Rosaires demonstrate a true 24/7 devotion to their charges, extending to once breastfeeding a baby chimpanzee whose mother had died. H/T Vice

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