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Obama Claus

Santa Claus covers the entire world in one night. But the Obama Claus gives out gifts all year round. Of course, it’s been a little difficult lately with his elves on strike and the EPA grounding the reindeer. H/T Politizoid

They Call It Puppy Love

Merry Christmas! And what better way to celebrate than puppies slushing in the snow. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Dangerous Liberal Fairy Tales

Here’s what will undoubtedly be the highlight of your Christmas: Rahm Emmanuel’s interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite. Hillary Clinton was originally scheduled to join him in a pas de deux but she couldn’t fit into her tights.  All this, plus a special guest appearance by the Prophet Joe, in a new edition of Intellectual Frog Legs.

Teflon Tape Secret Message

See how easy it is to pass along secret messages to your loved ones on Christmas. H/T Sick Science

Christmas with the Maya

The extinct stone-age culture got the dates wrong — who saw that coming? Ol’ Pluggsy is on the job; more or less. And guess who’s coming for the guns? All this — plus — remedial pirate geography as Ben Crystal presents The Great Eight for Personal Liberty Digest.

Christmas 100 Years Ago

Wax cylinders dating from 1902-1917 record the Wall family of London as they sing Christmas songs. The recordings are believed to be the oldest in existence documenting a family’s Christmas celebrations.


Santa Sighting in Night Sky

On December 24, 1963 flyers across the U.S. reported spotting an unknown flying object. Frank Kingston Smith published his account of the story, and flying on Christmas has never been the same. Find out what happens when a red sled and nine reindeer are really sighted in the Christmas skies.

12 Days of Christmas

Folksinger Oscar Brand presents the classic “12 Days of Christmas” with silhouetted accompaniment provided by a dancer.

Christmas or Earth Day?

Revealing Politics’ Caleb Bonham hit the streets to talk with his fellow man in this Christmas-themed double-feature.

Revealing Politics was curious how far some people think our government should go to regulate carbon emissions during this busy shopping season. “Should the government regulate Christmas to save the environment? ” and “What is more important, Christmas or Earth Day?”

How a Troll Saved Christmas

In another object lesson from Troll Physics, Santa calls upon a South Pole Troll to rescue Christmas and retrieve a parcel of presents jettisoned into space.

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