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Ban on Christians in Texas?

This month busybodies have grounded a lawn chair balloonist and cracked down on internet porn, but Nanny of the Month zeroes in on San Antonio where a hubbub is brewing about whether a proposed ordinance might actually ban Christians from holding city office.

Is it an unprecedented attack on Christianity or just a bunch of right wingers hyping a phony threat! Tune in and decide for yourself! H/T Reason.TV


Christians Attacked in Egypt

“The mainstream media is too afraid of reporting what’s really happening in the Islamic world,” says Brooke Goldstein, director of the Lawfare Project, as she exposes the many attacks against Christians issued by members of the Muslim Brotherhood over the recent ouster of President Mohamed Morsi. Goldstein appeared on Fox News’ “America Live,” hosted by Martha MacCallum.

Flo’s Not Funny

Wild Bill exposes Progressive Insurance as one of America’s most rabidly liberal businesses, pushing anti-Christian causes and supporting groups that are undermining American values. Yes, Flo has some hilarious routines, but there’s really nothing funny about the biased company she’s helping to market.

A Flag Stomping Coward

Hear what AlfonZo Rachel thinks of the Lil’ Wayne flag stomping controversy. Did Lil’ Wayne make a mistake, or did he really intend to trample on the stars and stripes? H/T PJTV


Christians Most Persecuted

A new report has determined that Christians are the world’s most persecuted religious group, particularly in Islamic nations. But little is being done to aid the victims because political leaders in Christian countries are either afraid of being dubbed racists or else simply spineless. Christine Williams addresses the issue in a speech given this week in Toronto on the occasion of “A Day Of Mourning For Persecuted People In Islamic Regimes.” H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Christianity and Conservatism

Alfonzo Rachel answers critics who think that he is advocating for conservatives to be Christian. You don’t have to be. Hear why on this ZoNation. H/T PJTV

Pat Robertson Is Wrong

Pat Robertson addressed the issue of infidelity on, and told a viewer to stop obsessing about her husband’s infidelity. Robertson also seemed to argue that men are powerless to resist sexual temptation. AlfonZo Rachel thinks that Robertson is wrong. Hear why on this ZoNation. H/T PJTV

Jesus Vs. Muhammad

Steven Crowder lives dangerously by drawing distinctions between Jesus and Muhammad, and reflecting upon how their lives influenced the course of Christianity and Islamism.

This Is Not a Test

Unleash Tim Tebow. Let him play. That’s the rallying cry from Joe Dan Gorman, World Record Holder and self-admitted Tebow fan. Gorman takes to task those ragging on Tebow’s Christianity in this edition of Intellectual Frog Legs.



Jihadists Coming to America

Martin Mawyer, founder of the Christian Action Network, says Jihadists are establishing terror training camps in the United States. He covers the topic in a newly published book Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamist Terrorist Training Camps Inside America. Mawyer welcomes a lawsuit filed against him by the group Muslims of the Americas challenging his claims.

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