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Whither Egypt?

Adly Mansour, Egypt’s new interim president, gives his first interview in which he talks about the future for the country, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the manner in which he has come to power. H/T Channel 4, Great Britain

Tech Firms Face Backlash

Some of the world’s biggest internet firms¬† — Google, Facebook and Skype¬† — are under pressure to explain just how far they co-operated with intelligence agencies to access your personal information. Here’s a report from Great Britain’s Channel 4. Criticism of the US-based tech firms appears to be strongest in Europe.

Tiny Gribbles: Energy Dynamos

They’re tiny crustaceans, less than 3 millimeters in size, and can destroy seaside piers. But gribbles are being hailed as the key to a new generation of liquid fuels. Channel 4 in Great Britain reports.

Olive Branch Extended in Turkey

The Turkish government apparently wants to appease protesters so they go home but at the moment, there seems no reason why they should. Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor for Great Britain’s Channel 4, reports on the protests in Istanbul.

Pakistan’s Shameful Killings

They’re called “honor” killings, but there’s nothing honorable about the brutal, point-blank murder of women and children condoned in Pakistan and other predominantly Muslim countries. Jonathan Rugman, foreign affairs correspondent for Channel 4 in Great Britain, reports on one such case. Warning: The content is both shocking and disturbing.

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