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Big Challenges Await Pope

After years of watching Cardinal Bergoglio in action in Argentina where he does a lot of political work, pundit Dick Morris offers important insights on his likely course.

Argentine Elected New Pope

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina has been elected the new Pope of the 1.2 billion strong Roman Catholic Church on the second day of the conclave of Cardinals at the Vatican. The 76-year-old is seen as a conservative and the first ever Jesuit pope of the Catholic Church. He will be called Pope Francis I and replaces Benedict XVI who resigned from the papacy last month.

Mocking the Mass

Conservative pundit Ezra Levant lashes into the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. for airing a comedy skit mocking the Catholic Mass. It’s about time someone returned fire on vehement church critics, like Bill Maher, who seem to always have carte blanche to spew their bile over the public airwaves. Yes, the Bible counsels turning the other cheek, but admit it — ain’t it sweet to see the wicked get a taste of their own bitter medicine. H/T Blazing Cat Fur

Holy Water Hosedown

To keep his young parishioners coming to Mass,  a Catholic priest in northern Mexico uses a water gun to shower them with holy water and wears robes adorned with cartoon superheroes. Genelle Aldred reports for ITN News.

How to Become Pope

Now that Pope Benedict XVI has resigned, how will the next Pope be elected? MinutePhysics goes behind the scenes at the Vatican to explain the process.

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