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Cannibalism in Swarms

Alex Dainis of Bit-Scized this week discusses cannibalism — first in locust swarms and then reports of cannibalism at the early American colony of Jamestown. It’s a frank discussion of a grisly topic, so viewer discretion is advised.

Jamestown Cannibalism

The skull of a girl who died in the winter of 1610 shows signs of having been cannibalized by starving colonists at Jamestown, the early Virginia settlement.

North Korea’s Hunger Games

We hear a lot about North Korean rocket launches and nuclear threats. But what about the living conditions of the North Korean people? Now, rumors of cannibalism are emerging, tales of families so starved they’ve been forced to eat their children. The secretive country is neither confirming nor denying the reports, but some sources say a famine has claimed up to 10,000 lives. H/T Next Media Animation

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