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French Exodus to Russia

French actor Gerard Depardieu is weighing an invitation to become a Russian citizen and accept a passport from Vladimir Putin. But he’s not the only movie star from France considering a move to Russia. Now, Brigitte Bardot says she might go there as well. Depardieu’s motivation: The outrageously high taxes being imposed by France’s new Socialist government. Bardot’s beef is different: She’s upset over an animal rights incident.

Go! Girl! Go!–Cincuenta y Nueve

Just before her breakout in And God Created Woman, Brigitte Bardot played a Paris schoolgirl who enters an amateur strip contest, unaware that her new boyfriend is covering the event for his magazine. This leads to a comic attempt on her part to disguise herself, while still going for the gusto and trying to claim the prize money she desperately needs in 1956’s Mademoiselle Striptease, also known as Plucking the Daisy.

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