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Brazil’s Political Firestorm

In her first TV address since the start of demonstrations a week ago, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff promised to improve services and crack down on corruption. But is it enough?

A Spear-it-ed Survivor

A Brazilian woman, Elisangela Borborema Rosa, was accidentally shot by a speargun in the mouth, when her husband was cleaning the device. Miraculously, she survived the accident.


Sao Paulo-based pop star Nana Rizinni laments her missing man in a music video illustrated by Brazilian animator Marcello Laruccia. Note how he uses flashes of color, and the absence of color, to reflect Rizinni’s lyrics. H/T The Animation Blog

One Man

OK, superheroes are studs, but what happens when they become too stuck on themselves? All the primping, posing and posturing in the world can’t save a damsel in distress. In this animated short, a woman tied to a railroad track definitely needs a helping hand. And there’s a superhero within earshot who could come to her rescue. He’s capable, but he also is, shall we say, a bit of a glory hound. Graciliano Camargo developed the short for his final project at the Méliès School of Cinema, 3D and Animation in Sao Paulo, Brazil. H/T Kuriositas

Brazil’s Prostitutes Get Schooled

Brazilian prostitutes are hitting the classrooms to bone up on English in preparation for an expected influx of tourists coming for the World Cup and the Olympics. That begs the question: Will tourists trolling the hotspots of Rio seek out the most endowed Brazilian prostitutes or the most cunning linguists?

Go! Girl! Go!–Treinta y Siete

Sonia Braga in the 1978 Brazilian TV novela Dancin’ Days. This was Disco at its peak, after Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, but before Hollywood discovered her, casting Braga in Kiss of the Spider Woman or The Milagro Beanfield War.

Go! Girl! Go! — Seis

Today’s dancer isn’t from the movies, but from real life. She’s Anastasia Skukhturova, a tall and luscious Russian, and this past weekend, she won the Second Annual Pole World Cup, defeating 60 pole-dancing competitors from 25 nations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

And, in case you missed last year’s inaugural event, here was the winning performance by Oona Kivela of Finland. She tours and teaches classes. You can see what she’s up to at

World of Beers LX

On tap tonight: Schneider, Brazil.

Schneider, marketed throughout South America, is now sold in ten-packs. That’s an innovation some US breweries ought to try.

World of Beers LVII

On tap tonight: Brahma, Brazil.

A touch of refreshment on a sultry day at the beach.

They Lead a Life of Danger

Hot, leather-clad Anya Sarenin and Alfredo Silva from the Moscow Circus put on a display of precision knife-throwing while visiting Nova FM in Sydney, Australia.

Also, the two circus performers talk about their near misses and their budding romance. Silva, a sixth-generation circus performer from Brazil, met the Russian-born Sarenin in Germany. The two not only formed an act together, but now they’re engaged.

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